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Tips for stylish clothes (not only) for cycling

How to look stylish on a cycling trip? We've got a few tips for you!

Marie Ševčíková
05.Aug 2020
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Stylové outfity na kolo

Do you think sport is nothing but sweat and hard work? You're wrong! Sports outfits can actually be stylish and luxurious! And if you're one of those who believe that clothing made for sports (especially cycling) can never look nice, we'll convince you about the opposite. This collection will make you jump on your bike! See for yourselves... ⬇️

Summer is in full swing. I've long ago given up on a holiday by the sea, and as I sit here thinking about what to do instead, I suddenly feel inspired. How to avoid closed places, observe social distancing and, as a bonus, lose a few quarantine pounds?

I'm going on a cycling trip!

Everywhere I look, I see millions of tips on where to go for a trip in the Czech Republic, and moreover, cycling seems to be a really popular pastime nowadays. So why not give it a try?

According to all the articles about cycling that I've skimmed through, this activity also happens to be very good for you. They say it will make me healthy, happy and even beautiful. Beautiful? I find it hard to imagine that I could look any good on a bike. I'm not exactly a sports type gal and besides, I suspect that none of my favorite pumps are anywhere near suitable for such a trip.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

So how to choose a cycling outfit that's both practical and trendy? I'm gonna find out! A brand new luxury cycling boutique has opened in Pařížská right next to Prada, which confidently confirms that cycling really is in this year. The choice what to wear on a bike is therefore more important than it ever has been.

Come see with me what you can wear for a cycling trip, if you want to look like a star.

Cycling shorts that will make you want to jump on your bike (and look splendid)

If you don't want your pants to get caught in the chain, you'll probably be best off wearing shorts or skinny pants (by the way, that's why cycling shorts were invented in the first place, and they're experiencing a huge boom right now!). Luxurious velvet shorts, vibrant spandexes or a pink piece with a bow? Which ones do you dig most?

Zářivě žlutý sportovní top Sweaty BettyGo to the store
Zářivě žlutý sportovní top Sweaty Betty
Versace cyklistické šortky DžungleGo to the store
Versace cyklistické šortky Džungle
Reflexní bunda Daily PaperGo to the store
Reflexní bunda Daily Paper
Zelená bunda Daily PaperGo to the store
Zelená bunda Daily Paper

Sports top as a base garment

Stylishness and usefulness, thats the combination we should all strive for. Both qualities clearly apply to these crop tops that will provide you the necessary support in any situation, while looking amazing! Once the cycling season is over, you can also wear them for yoga classes or to the gym.

Stříbrné cyklistické šortky Paco RabanneGo to the store
Stříbrné cyklistické šortky Paco Rabanne
Modrý crop top adidasGo to the store
Modrý crop top adidas
Růžové šortky Off-White s mašličkouGo to the store
Růžové šortky Off-White s mašličkou

This jacket will be your fair-weather friend

Cycling is not a sport reserved for sunny weather, so don't forget to put something warmer in your backpack for your trips. When it gets colder, have a windbreaker on hand. It will become your stylish partner in those cold mornings and evenings, even after you've gotten off the bike. You'll look great while discovering the beauties of your destination!

Adidas tenisky Stella McCartney světle růžováGo to the store
Adidas tenisky Stella McCartney světle růžová

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

Adidas tenisky Stella McCartneyGo to the store
Adidas tenisky Stella McCartney

Stylish shoes are the alpha and omega of a sports outfit

Get inspired by some of these awesome pieces that will complete your bike outfit. Yes, comfortable sports shoes can look great, too! The collection of sneakers designed by Stella McCartney for Adidas is proof of that. The famous singer's daughter has collaborated with a number of world-famous fashion houses, such as Chloé or Gucci. Under her baton, sport shoes get more oomph. Which of these models will catch your eye?

Sametové cyklistické šortky Danielle GuizioGo to the store
Sametové cyklistické šortky Danielle Guizio
Láhev na vodu s ametystemGo to the store
Láhev na vodu s ametystem

Accessories you can't do without

As you will know, an ouftit is nothing without the right accessories, so don't forget take some of the following on your trip. In hot summer weather, stylish sunglasses are an absolute must (and these two-tone ones will complement your outfit beautifully). You'll also find this water bottle with a crystal very handy - other cyclists will definitely envy you for it. And that's all - have a great and stylish trip!

Reebok x Victoria Beckham crop topGo to the store
Reebok x Victoria Beckham crop top

Dvoubarevné brýle Stella McCartneyGo to the store
Dvoubarevné brýle Stella McCartney

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

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