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Former world number one Maria Sharapova is retiring from tennis with grace.

How the famous live: Tennis star Maria Sharapova bought a ranch that resembles an oasis

Kateřina Ostrejšová
02.Nov 2020
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Maria Šarapovova s pohárem

The famous tennis player will now relax on a five-acre plot in Santa Barbara. Balinese elements, wooden ceilings, a stone terrace and a separate studio. That's what her luxurious tropical jungle in sunny California looks like.

Wood everywhere you look

The main part of the house is designed in Balinese style, which reveals wooden ceilings and beams. The atmosphere is bright thanks to a number of large windows and a stone terrace shaded by palm trees overlooking the ocean, which gives the luxury property a touch of country style.

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Hlavní část domu v balijském stylu
Hlavní část domu v balijském styluSource:

An unforgettable view

Another gem is the spacious cottage in a more rustic style. The walls in a salmon shade give the overall impression a welcome dramatic feel. You'll find here a leather sofa, distinctive paintings and plenty of flowers. In addition, a breathtaking view of the mountains hides behind the two-part Dutch-style door. Can you imagine a more perfect place to have a glass of wine while reading a good book?

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Odpočívárna v holandském stylu
Odpočívárna v holandském stylu Source:

Kitchen, the heart of home

You can tell a good housewife by her kitchen. In this case, we can only agree. The main element is a massive washbasin made of gray stone, which is in perfect harmony with the cream-colored tiles. Admittedly, one wouldn't expect to find a Persian rug in the middle of the kitchen, but since the room also includes a sectional that seems to be made for having one's 5'o'clock tea, it all works out! Maria Sharapova will be able to enjoy views of nature to the fullest here - even the kitchen features a spectacular view!

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Hlavní kuchyně domu
Hlavní kuchyně domuSource:

The power of minimalism

Unlike the rest of the house, the master bedroom has a relatively simple look - cream-colored walls, a massive upholstered bed and subtle accessories in neutral colors. The house features a second bedroom decorated in Dutch-style and, of course, also a guest room.

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Hlavní ložnice domu
Hlavní ložnice domuSource:

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Women often spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and the former tennis player is no exception. All three bathrooms in the house boast massive mirrors. Marble sinks, windows with a garden view and a glass shower... Morning hygiene must be a joy here!

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Koupelna s masivním zrcadlem
Koupelna s masivním zrcadlemSource:

Hidden cottage

The cottage shrouded in forest greenery is separated from the rest of the house by stone paving. Its kitchen, which has been completely renovated, boasts unique jade green tiles. What an original contrast! A built-in outdoor grill and gardens with lavender, jasmine and roses provide options for entertainment on fresh air.

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Chaloupka plná zeleně
Chaloupka plná zeleněSource:

Almost like a golf course

Fans of spacious lawns and large gardens would definitely be happy here. Greenery, plants and outdoor seating occupy a large part of the plot. Palm trees, bamboos, roses... Anything you name, you'll find it here. And we really mean everything! Hammocks, chaise lounges, fountains. Should we go on?

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Venkovní gril s posezením
Venkovní gril s posezenímSource:

How much?

Maria Sharapova bought the land for 8.6 million US dollars, i.e. about 235 million crowns. The locality of Santa Barbara has long been popular with celebrities. Among those who've recently moved there is former Google CEO Eric Schmidt or American businessman Riley Bechtel.

Historická vila na prodej, Praha 5 - 471m
Historická vila na prodej, Praha 5 - 471m, Praha 5

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