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Modern, organic and full of greenery. That's what living in LA can look like.

How the famous live: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's hearts beat for Los Angeles

Mgr. Jana Höger
16.Nov 2020
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John Legend a Chrissy Teigen

Take a look with us over the fence

The happy couple consisting of the acclaimed singer, songwriter and actor John Legend and the equally famous model Chrissy Teigen, is enjoying their love nest to the fullest. They are actively expanding not only their family, but also their portfolio of real estate. Let's take a look together over their fence. Few people could resist this home, surrounded by greenery!

They bought their second home from Rihanna

Their hearts really must be beating for the gorgeous West Hollywood district, because this is the second house they've bought there. No wonder, though. The location boasts luxurious villas, expensive cars are parked on every corner and many stars call it their home. By the way, the couple bought the first home at this address from the energetic Barbadian singer Rihanna.

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Luxusní exteriér domu Johna Legenda v Hollywoodu
Luxusní exteriér domu Johna Legenda v HollywooduSource: Profimedia

Innovative exterior and interior

The house was built in 2019 and has 3,500 square meters. It is dominated by various design architectural elements. These definitely include the overall design of the exterior of the house. If it was a unique building the owners wanted, their wish really came true. The building immediately attracts attention with its unusual geometric floor plan. It looks as if various square and rectangular shapes fit together, forming intriguing patterns. Another interesting fact is that the house is largely glazed.

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Kuchyně v sídle Johna Legenda, Hollywood
Kuchyně v sídle Johna Legenda, HollywoodSource: Profimedia

For everyone to see?!

Some might find living in a transparent house uncomfortable, needing to have full control over their privacy. But Chrissy Teigen doesn't mind! Everyone knows she doesn't try very hard to protect her personal life and doesn't hesitate to allow her fans a peak into her private affairs. She doesn't shy away from answering unpleasant questions and casually reveals intimate details from her life. It's likely she feels like a fish in water here.

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Sídlo s bazénem, John Legend
Sídlo s bazénem, John LegendSource: Profimedia

The impregnable kingdom of Chrissy Teigen

The luxury residence contains four bedrooms and four bathrooms, which likely represent the impregnable kingdom of Chrissy, as she needs to take good care of herself, being a model. Also worth noting is the large, spacious open kitchen with marble countertops and a kitchen island. Everything is in perfect harmony with natural elements.

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Ložnice v domě Johna Legenda
Ložnice v domě Johna LegendaSource: Profimedia

Morning makes the day

Ready for a "wow" effect? If you open the giant sliding door on the ground floor, you'll find yourself on a gorgeous terrace that will let you experience an atmosphere so relaxing that you might even feel the desire to take a "nap". Can you think of a better way to start the day than right here, indulging in a delicious breakfast, a cup of coffee and something sweet to finish?

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Obývák, John Legend a jeho sídlo
Obývák, John Legend a jeho sídloSource: Profimedia

Fans of sustainable resources and the green planet will be overjoyed

But it's time to move upstairs. The second floor offers an oasis of peace and quiet, the main suite with a private balcony. Naturally, this floor has its own representative spot: a garden with a built-in irrigation system. The top of the house is shrouded in greenery, a trend that is gaining more and more popularity. Not only does it look nice, but from the ecological point of view, considering the phenomena associated with global warming, it is also desirable. This feature gets a thumbs up from us!

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Odpočívací zóna Johna Legenda a Chrissy, Hollywood
Odpočívací zóna Johna Legenda a Chrissy, HollywoodSource: Profimedia

Life in LA isn't cheap

This house and the plot surrounding it counted with everything. Even a swimming pool and a sauna are included! John Legend and his wife had to reach deep into their pockets. They paid $ 5.1 million for the house, which is almost 114 million crowns.

Luxusní penthaus na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthaus na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

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