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Legendary muscleman Sylvester Stallone, who refuses to be replaced by stuntmen in his roles, has bought a new house.

How the famous live: The immortal Rocky Sylvester Stallone has bought a dream home in Palm Beach. One of his neighbors is Bon Jovi

Mgr. Jana Höger
14.Jan 2021
2 minutes to read
Herec Sylvester Stallone s manželkou

The Oscar-winning film star, action hero and unforgettable "Rocky" expanded his fortune once again and purchased a modern house at his dream address in Palm Beach. Accept our invitation to his residence, which will amaze you with its exuberant style!

Palm Beach, a tropical paradise

Charismatic American actor with Italian roots Sylvester Stallone, whose vitality, zest for life and endless desire to make movies can only be envied, seems to have a lucky hand in choosing real estate. He knows how to indulge in a fair dose of luxury and has a strong sense of design. Recently, a mansion located in a beautiful place full of greenery in the tropical paradise of Palm Beach, built in 2014, popped up in his radar, and the actor didn't think twice before buying it. That decision put his famous name on the list of celebrities who own luxury homes here. Among his neighbors are singers Jon Bon Jovi and Rod Stewart or athlete Howard Stern.

What does the house abound in?

The residence attracts a lot of attention, and many Rocky Balboa fans would probably like to look inside. Technically, it is a complex of four buildings, which together occupy an area of ​​1,207 square meters. These include: the main house, the guest pavilion, a small house on the shore of the Lake Worth lagoon and a pool house. And we can't forget the 24 square meters of sandy beach with a small dock for motor boats.

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Pohled z výšky na pozemek Sylvestera Stallona
Pohled z výšky na pozemek Sylvestera StallonaSource:

Recipe for happiness: sand, water and palm trees

The property is surrounded by graceful palm trees that provide shelter from the sun rays and add a touch of a relaxing paradise. Add to that a glass of chilled prosecco and you'll suddenly find yourself living an idyllic dream. A well-thought-out affair, precise down to the smallest detail, is the swimming pool in the middle of the plot in an unusual keyhole shape, easily accessible from every pavilion.

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Exteriér rezidence herce Sylvestera Stallona
Exteriér rezidence herce Sylvestera StallonaSource:

Luxusní vila na prodej, Praha 5 - 471m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Praha 5 - 471m, Praha 5

A breathtaking interior

The whole interior creates a fresh modern impression, which blends with the coastal style of its surroundings. In the main pavilion of Stallone's residence, your eyes will immediately fall on the large French windows stretching from floor to ceiling. The ceiling itself is adorned with glossy wood and conveys the idea of ​​grandeur. The kitchen boasts top modern equipment as well as cabinets made of polished wood. The dining area features a table that can seat up to 14 people. The first floor is dominated by a bedroom with a wonderful view of the endless sea and a walk in closet the size of the bedroom. Of course, a huge bathroom can't be amiss!

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Jídelní část domu rodiny Stallonových
Jídelní část domu rodiny StallonovýchSource:

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Ložnice v domě Sylvestera Stallona
Ložnice v domě Sylvestera StallonaSource:

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Obývací pokoj v Palm Beach, Sylvester Stallone
Obývací pokoj v Palm Beach, Sylvester StalloneSource:

Where does Rocky train?

It's interesting that, in addition to 12 bathrooms, the main house also feauters a gym, where the action hero can maintain his physical shape. You'll also find here a wine bar, where Stallone can entertain his guests.

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Dům v Palm Beach, Sylvester Stallone
Dům v Palm Beach, Sylvester StalloneSource:

An amount that had to be hard to scrape together

There aren't many things Sylvester Stallone wouldn't do for his beautiful wife, businesswoman and former model Jennifer Flavin, with whom he has three children. Together, they bought this magnificent mansion with incredible opportunities for $ 35 million, which is 735 million crowns.

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