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Take a look with us inside a mansion popular with Hollywood celebrities.

How the famous live: How does Madonna live during quarantine? She pays millions per month in rent

Linda Veselá
06.Oct 2020
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Zpěvačka Madonna s ozdobou na čele

Why not make self isolation more pleasant? All of us have probably entertained that thought, but pop queen Madonna took the idea to the next level. She's renting a mansion in Beverly Hills for several months to quarantine in. It combines luxury with a prominent pedigree.

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Dlouhý dřevěný jídelní stůl se židlemi

A famous address

Although she herself owns at least three luxury mansions - two in New York State and one in Portugal - Madonna decided to rent a house in Beverly Hills for her quarantine life. And it cost her no small amount of money! She has to pay slightly under three million crowns a month.

This residence has been a home for a number of celebrities in the past. Pop icon Marian Carey, for example, rented it a few years ago. Even Paul McCartney and the Osbourne family used to live there. Are you curious about what you'll find inside?!

The interior was personally designed by Ralph Lauren

The mansion consists of several parts. In the large main building, you'll find two apartments and three family bedrooms, along with two staff rooms. In total, guests have seven bathrooms and three separate toilets at their disposal. The guest house offers two more bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The living space occupies a total of about 1,000 square meters.

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Obývací pokoj se světlými křesly a dřevěnými trámy pod stropem
Obývací pokoj se světlými křesly a dřevěnými trámy pod stropemSource: Profimedia

The interior was personally designed by Ralph Lauren to resemble the East Coast mansions in Hamptons - bright, white and with a sophisticated yet beachy atmosphere.

Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m
Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m, Okolí Prahy

Golf, bowling or billiards?

Have you also had a hard time figuring out how to kill time in quarantine? We can assure you that Madonna probably doesn't have that problem. Why should she, when she has an entertainment pavilion right behind her house! It features a bowling alley, a games room with billiards and a bar. Naturally, the mansion also includes a swimming pool, a spa and a tennis court. Well, we sure wouldn't mind being stuck in such a "quarantine"!

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Dvoudráhová dřevěná bowlingová dráha
Dvoudráhová dřevěná bowlingová dráhaSource: Profimedia

The living area is surrounded by neatly trimmed lawns, where Madonna can spend the afternoon playing golf, tending to the carefully maintained flowerbeds or in cooking in the outdoor kitchen.

It's for sale... you can get it for 450 million!

However, grandeur is not the only thing about the mansion that attracts attention. It's history is equally interesting. The house was designed in the 1940s by architect Paul Revere Williams, who became famous as a personal builder for Hollywood celebrities. He built mansions for Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball or Julia London. His works usually bear elements of architecture from the time of the Tudors, emblems of French castles and elements of Mediterranean architecture.

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Pohled na nemovitost zeshora
Pohled na nemovitost zeshoraSource: Profimedia

Williams built the house for Bert Lahr - the actor who played the Lion in The Wizard of Oz. In the 1990s, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson lived on this 1.5-acre plot. After their divorce, the house went to Johnson, who sold it for "mere" $ 60 million to the current owner - French fashion magnate Guy Attalo, who heads the Fabrizio Gianni brand. He invested tens of millions of crowns into reconstruction, in which the aforementioned Ralph Lauren was involed. Currently, he is trying to sell it for more than 450 million crowns. Would you be interested?

More photos of the luxury Hollywood mansion can be found in the gallery below.

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