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1st May, International Women's Day or St. Valentine's? What and how do Adam Mišík, Jan Přeučil or Jiří Pospíšil celebrate them?

How do Famous Men Celebrate Days Dedicated to Love?

Jana Fikotová
01.May 2018
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Adam Mišík

One should give a flower to a woman every day, yet there are luxurious days when there is a certain expectation in this respect. Leaving aside birthdays and ´name days´, there are three days that a man should never forget about. We were interested how do famous men celebrate St. Valentine, or International Women's Day and May 1st.

Adam Mišík and Valentine's

St Valentine's Day, called just Valentine´s or St. Valentine´s is designated as a holiday of love, that is of those who are in love. On this day, 14th February, partners give presents to each other, flowers or sweets or love letters and postcards. Most often in the shape of heart as a symbol of love. He actor and singer Adam Mišík is sure to celebrate this day, since he has someone to share it with.

"I do not mind that this holiday was brought here from America. It is simply a time of love which is important to celebrate." 

Adam, who has been celebrating the day for the past three years with the lovely model Diana Kratochvílová, had a really luxurious idea, literally pulling out ace from his sleeve. " I took Diana to a lovely place with a views over the whole of Prague and sang her a song which I composed for her. She was so touched that she began to cry. I now play the song at concerts and it is simply called Diana," admitted Adam, who is still in love, not forgetting this year about the International Women's Day either, which he celebrated in Werich´s villa together with other women.

"I liked the project that was organised here. We gave flowers to the senior ladies at the beautiful villa of Mr Werich, who is my model actor. I then celebrated this day with my Diana. How I will keep to myself," he added.

Jiří Pospíšil and the International Women's Day

International Women's Day falls on 8th March and is already again becoming a favourite, being, what else, dedicated to women. Most of us know this day under the acronym ´MDŽ´. It was established as a result of a strike of dressmakers in 1908. These dressmakers from New York went on strike for the improvement of living conditions. The aim of this struggle was to obtain voting rights for women; it was followed by a fight for equality and justice and, of course, peace. In the course of history the celebrations changed; fresh in our memory is for example the socialist propaganda and unforgettable carnations, towels, sandwiches etc. This luxurious day is very important still to this day´s feminists. A great fan of the feast day devoted to women is the politician and Chairman of the Administrative Board of the Foundation of Jan and Meda Mládková, Jiří Pospíšil, who for no personal gain accompanied senior ladies on 8. March through the luxurious villa of Jan Werich, moreover giving each a symbolic red carnation. 

"So far, it has never happened that would not celebrate this beautiful and important day. Every year I try to give a gift of several flowers. This time I decided to hold an event in Werich´s villa that would be devoted to women."

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

Jan Přeučil and 1st May

The last of our holidays intended primarily to women is 1st May. Although this day is Labour Day marking the outbreak of strike of American workers in Chicago in 1866, but is it not better on this day to recall the words in the poem of Karel Hynek Mácha about a dove, whose voice calls for love? Forget about the Labour Day parades and enjoy the time in a luxurious manner. The actor Jan Přeučil is clear on that.

"Not only do I bring my precious Eva a little bouquet, but I certainly never forget to kiss her under a blossoming cherry tree, reciting a few words from the love poem," added the actor.

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