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On the road or in family circles

How do celebtrities spend their holidays? They travel for work but also for a touch of the exotics!

Karolína Lišková
17.Dec 2019
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Každý máme svou představu o trávení vánočních svátků.

Although many of us believe that one shouldn't mess with tradition, it does happen every now and then that someone breaks the conventions and does things their own way. At Christmas! The manager of Drop of Hope Vendula Pizingerová, who packs her backpack and travels to exotic countries or goes for a hike with her husband and son every year, is a stellar example. Most people, however, lean towards domestic tranquility.

Vendula už tradičně vyšlápne na Štědrý den nějakou horu s manželem a synem.
Leona prozpívá advent, jako každý rok.
Míša se těší na nezapomenutelné Vánoce se svými dětmi.

We're all living very hectic lives throughout the year, wherefore most people start to slow down in mid-December, looking forward to some wonderful, peaceful moments spent with their family. David Kraus, Radek Banga, Míša Maurerová or Andrea Růžičková, who, by the way, is expecting her second child, are also looking forward to that.

"Spending time with your family is the most amazing tradition,"

everyone agrees.

For example, actress Míša Mauerová cannot wait for her family holidays. She claims they will definitely be unforgettable. Her twins who are just about to hit puberty and her ten-month-old daughter are sure to provide plenty of extraordinary experiences.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5

"With so many children, there will be no shortage of disasters. But I'm sure we will remember this Christmas for a long time and I'm glad for that."

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Banga bude s manželkou a se psem ve svém domě.
Banga bude s manželkou a se psem ve svém domě. Source: archiv R. Bangy

Busy until the last moment

Unfortunately, most artists don't enjoy the pre-Christmas time all that much, because they tend to be busy with Christmas concerts, and theater tours. Being swamped with work, they hardly have time to go shopping for presents or bake Christmas cookies. One needs to be awesome at time management; Leona Machálková considers herself an expert:

"Advent time is a very intense period for me regarding my work, but I'm able to enjoy it just like Christmas, when they come. Neither can be achieved without good organization, so I plan both the preparations and the relaxing time spent with my friends and family, shopping, decorating, baking, etc. I like my order and thanks to that I can deal with everything without stress. The fact that I'm always busy and on the road, doing concerts almost daily, actually recharges me rather than slows me down. I just like to be on the move, that's the engine that keeps me running."

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Máchálková bude do poslední chvíle vystupovat.
Máchálková bude do poslední chvíle vystupovat. Source: archiv L. Machálkové

An adventurer

There may be adventurers here and there among the famous, but Vendula Pizingerová is the biggest of them all. She and her family don't have any issues with spending Christmas Eve on a plane, traveling to a far-away destination. They do it regularly, and at Christmas, when others are hanging out on the couch, watching fairy tales and binging on sweets, they tend to have a twenty-kilo backpack on their backs, hiking up a mountain.

"We like it that way, we don't need a Christmas tree and cookies for Christmas. My men don't really eat it anyway. The experiences we bring home are priceless,"

says the manager of Drop of Hope.

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