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A magnificent show directed by Jiří Vejdělek visited the Prague luxury music club, Lávka. Members of the Original Vintage Orchestra under the baton of Petr Kroutil created an incredible atmosphere of American Harlem. Seemingly we found ourselves as if we have been taken back in time!

How Did the Original Vintage Orchestra Fare? Phenomenal Show, First-hand!

Mgr. Jana Höger
07.Nov 2018
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2 minutes

Great stars of the luxurious evening

Under the leadership of experienced musician, Petr Kroutil, who opened up the show together with Jiří Vejdělek, the Lávka club was dipped into the atmosphere of the interwar era. I suddenly felt as if I came on set of The Great Gatsby.

Petr Kroutil can successfully play a number of instruments, but he looked his best with a saxophone. Not only can he sing, direct, dance, but almost all these things at once. Beautiful singers from the Hot Sisters trio, who by their stunning singing, but also perfect outfits, spiced up the overall atmosphere and truly graced the entire evening. Suddenly, Chuck Wansley himself danced onto the stage and cheering and huge applause in the club had no end! Energetic black singer Chuck demonstrated that he simply has singing in his blood and its huge enthusiasm in a little while infected the whole of the audience!

Spectrum of the best. What I could hear and experience, first-hand

The first introductory song was in a rapid, dynamic pace of the Candy Man song. Gradually we could hear ingenious hits of well-known masters. Worth mentioning here are for example hits such as: Counting Stars by OneRepublic, Michael Jackson´s Black or White, or songs by Pharrell Williams, We Are The Champions by Queen, or Justin Timberlake. There were also Czech songs for Prague dwellers, Těm Je Tu Hej from Pražský výběr (Czech rock band - transl.note). A novelty here which we have been looking forward to is a cover song Známka punku (Trademark of Punk) from the band Visací zámek; their luxurious version bears marks of swing, and there was also a swing version of Roll out the Barrel.

Perhaps there was even a magician? You won't believe it, but this time round even the "President” attended!

Jiří Vejdělek accompanied the entire evening by his innovative quotations and aptly aimed words.

When presenter Jiří invited Mr President on the stage, Mr. Miloš Zeman appeared, imitated by great actor and imitator, Petr Jablonský, and everyone cried with laughter.

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

Meet with the Original Vintage Orchestra

The Original Vintage Orchestra is a classy 17-piece orchestra, established by Petr Kroutil, luxury swing top class performer in the Czech Republic. The band focuses on swing of 20´s and 30´s, bringing original and energetic versions of famous modern songs in retro style. It cooperates with outstanding soloists, such as enchanting ladies of Hot Sisters, Los Angeles star, Chuck Wansley and Nikol Mikesková.

The next date of a luxury performance in Prague is scheduled for 6.1. 2019 at 19:30, at Club Lávka. You can look forward to it!

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Original Vintage Orchestra
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