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This year's Designblok was opened in Prague

How are we going to live? This year's Designblok opened the theme of future

Nela Štefanová
17.Oct 2019
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The biggest fashion and design show in Central Europe? It is definitely Designblok, which you can visit at Prague Exhibition Grounds until October 21st. This year's 21st volume will carry in the spirit of future. Over 200 Czech and foreign designers and manufacturers will showcase their work, which can be a great source of inspiration, but also information about the latest trends. Let's see what installations, manufacturers and exhibitions you should not miss!

"Reflections on the future will be the leitmotif permeating this year's Designblok. Can design contribute to tackling the climate crisis? Can it set a barrier to over-consumption? Is there a way it could improve the world? These are profound questions. We have therefore invited world class experts not only in this field to help us find the answers,"

says the director of Designblok Jana Zielinski.

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Zuzana Wroclawska
Zuzana WroclawskaSource: archiv Designblok

The artist Lucie Koldová created an exhibition on the theme of future called Designerie, which you cannot miss in the middle of the Industrial Palace. It features a space module, robots, mazes and much more. At the same time, the so-called Garden Stage is also located in Designerie, offering various fashion shows or an exhibition of foreign guest Jay Osgerby who will showcase models for the Vitra brand.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

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VitraSource: archiv Designblok

Jay Osgerby will introduce the modular SoftWork system this year as part of its launch on the Czech market. SoftWork breaks down the stereotype of office chairs and desks and creates a comfortable working environment anywhere - in a hotel lobby, at the airport or in a café. It responds to the changing needs and style of human work.

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VitraSource: designblok

Therefore we advise you not to miss the Vitra: Desk Is Dead conference. The panel will take place on Friday 18th October at 6:30 pm at the abovementioned Garden Stage and it will definitely be more than interesting.

In addition to the motif of Future, some artists will also touch on the issues of sustainable production, technologies and the possibility of experimenting with materials this year.

Festival Zones

Same as in previous years, this year's Designblok premises are divided into three parts: Superstudio, Openstudio and Art House.

If you plan to visit Superstudio, which is mainly focused on companies and manufacturers, you can look forward to 71 new Czech and foreign brands. In these rooms you'll discover a whole new collection of furniture, but also new views of minimalist living.

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Na své si přijdou i milovníci módy
Na své si přijdou i milovníci módySource: archiv Designblok

By contrast, Openstudio offers 174 designers, studios, schools and fashion designers a chance to present their artworks and creations. The best European diploma theses will also be presented in the left wing throughout Saturday. Various art projects with the subtitle Odyssey can be seen in the ArtHouse.

Fashion enthusiasts will also find something to their liking. Throughout the larger part of Saturday, there will be various fashion shows in almost every hour at Garden Stage, which are definitely worth seeing. Do not waste time, the program is charged to burst so quickly to Holešovice!

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