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Life and living of the famous actress Lida Baarová

This is how the actress Lída Baarová lived! A boat-like villa also has its own captain's bridge!

Mgr. Jana Höger
02.Sep 2019
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Vila Lídy Baarové

This unusual monument, which has a colorful past, can be found in the heart of Prague's Hanspaulka. Famous names of Czech culture lived in this luxurious location during the First Republic, such as comedian Vlasta Burian, poet Jaroslav Seifert, painter and graphic artist Cyril Bouda.

It is definitely worthwhile to get to the atypical villa during your walks through beautiful Prague. It was owned by the famous, but also controversial celebrity of the last century, Lída Baarová.

Talent and beauty in one, but... it has one big catch

Lída Baar was a contradictory artistic personality of her time. The actress, mistress of the Minister of Culture J. Goebbels, took a loan worth 100,000 crowns for the villa. But she had not enjoyed her dream home for a long time. After returning from Germany in 1944 she was imprisoned in time for alleged collaboration. During that time her mother suffered a stroke and her sister committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the villa. The actress never returned there, she spent almost a year there. Although the villa carries the hallmark of luxury and refinement, it is also bitten by the unfortunate fate of the whole family.

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Slavní vila Lídy Baarové
Slavní vila Lídy BaarovéSource:

Architect Ladislav Žák in the lead role

This architectural gem was designed by Ladislav Žák for the Babka husbands, the parents of Lida Baarová, after many troubles. He designed it as a functionalist two-generation two-storey house with separate entrances and two vertically designed apartments. The house began to be built in 1937 for exceptional clients, simply something extra. Its round windows and rounded bow resembles an ocean liner. Looking at the sun terrace where Lída Baar liked to sunbathe, you might seem to be looking at the captain's bridge.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Who currently lives in it?

The life of the villa had its twists. In the 1950s the Babka family had to move out. After many changing owners, the villa was privately owned in 2005 by Tibor Nemeš. He had it sensitively restored and it is now in protected monument care.

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