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Moroccan style is typical by the use of complex patterns with geometric motifs, as well as beautiful lighting of complex shapes. We are bringing luxurious inspiration for interior design lovers, who don´t wish to have a mundane household.

Housing in Moroccan Style - Taste of the Orient and Beauty of Variety

Mgr. Jana Höger
07.Mar 2018
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Housing in Moroccan style

What defines Moroccan style?

In translation from French, orient means the East and indicates eastern countries and their culture. Moroccan style refers primarily to traditions of the Orient and you can see here the influence of Arab roots. As regards the interiors, they should be perfectly stylised for modern lifestyle, yet retain the traditional look. Traditional elements include marble, dark massive furniture and also solid, dark wooden floors. The ruling elements are clearly colourful luxurious fabrics and oriental patterns. These are of a lavish colour palette, from terracotta, ochre, white, gold, silver to red or typical cyan.

The details, which play an important role, are drapes, beads, mats, metalwork decorations and cushions. The appropriate atmosphere is induced by candlesticks and lamps. Various quality luxurious fabrics are represented, from velvet, silk, cashmere, satin to brocade.  

What could your dream home look like? A pinch of inspiration will not hurt

The beautiful interiors were designed by Emily Summers. The furniture items were inspired by her journey to Marrakesh. The living room is graced by a unique furniture cassette with characteristic fragile side tables with pink marble tops decorated by brass mats.

Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha
Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha, Praha 5

Reath Design created a luxury lounge for a bedroom in Malibu with a leather carpet and a round cushion of recurrent pattern and a mixed texture. The simply-designed Moroccan lanterns are to be hung from the ceiling create a feeling of relaxed atmosphere. Take a break and enjoy the seating area with cushions, enjoy the comfort and let´s relax.

Take advantage of the fireplace. Make a trendy place of your living room by creating decorated fireplaces framed in special tiles, finishing the look by freely-scattered silk cushions around the floor.

"Just a few oriental pieces and your interior suddenly becomes a traveller´s oasis. A couple of embroidered cushions, metalwork lantern, wooden screen or metal lamp. And that´s it.” Lenka Dubská, designer

If you are not in favour of this style wholesale, how about for example just a hint of oriental luxury? 

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