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At the Payette Lake there nestles a luxurious house which organically blends in with its environment. The point of interest here is the fact that it lies on a rocky cliff. Does this mean adrenaline to you? How would you like to live here?

Housing "on the Edge": The Cliff House Payette Lake in America

Mgr. Jana Höger
14.Nov 2018
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Krásný americký dům Cliff House

The cleverly-designed house

Cliff House Payette Lake, whose foundations are built into robust granite boulders, is adjacent to the part called Idahu Payette Lake. The work was carries out by the American McCall Design studio. The design team elegantly incorporated wood elements into the home and also masterfully dealt with the rocky terrain. The surrounding granite surfaces are cleverly and seamlessly interconnected with the structural concrete pillars. They are harmoniously complemented by the façade of the house, made of teak wood. The Cliff House also offers views of the beautiful lake. There is no shortage of romantic sunsets.

Luxury interior as well as exterior

Determined to maintain the beauty of the natural environment, the architects designed the house as of three levels. The interior reflects the warm, but also rugged look by decorative walls, wooden ceilings and exposed boulders. Concrete surfaces often form a part of the house. We may find these in the kitchen or the bathrooms. Each room, including the home gym, provides a wide-angle view of the luxurious lake through massive steel shutters.

The house has 5 bedrooms. In the upper level of the house your attention will be drawn at first sight by exclusive wooden doors revealing various guest rooms, which are deliberately designed in minimalistic style and with intimate atmosphere in mind, in order to encourage the guests to spend time in public areas of the house or even out of doors.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9, 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9, 123m, Praha 9

Stairs as if into the sky

From the living room there leads a circular staircase by which the architects position bar and a games room. The staircase itself is considered to be a piece of artistic sculpture. The beautiful design of the luxury house incorporates natural materials such as the rock underneath the house.

Such a beautiful house must not lack a massive open fireplace with crackling wood providing a truly luxurious atmosphere. It was made of stone from a local granite quarry.

This property also offers discreet rock corridors which will take you to the very shore of the lake. And that is another story.

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