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These spring models should definitely not be missing in your wardrobe!

The hottest trends for the spring of 2021: Go for XXL models, jogger sweatpants and massive jewelry

Šárka Peková
10.Mar 2021
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4 minutes
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Módní influencerka Olivia Palermo

Spring has almost sprung, so why not have a look together with at a selection of spring outfits with which you definitely won't make a mistake. Do you put comfort above everything else? In that case, we have good news: pretty much anything oversized will have the green light in the coming months. And you can also bet on pastel and beige shades or on jogger sweatpants, which are the biggest hit of the season!

Jogger sweatpants? Key to success!

Jogger sweatpants are an absolute must-have! They have a rightful place in the closet of every fashion enthusiast, and you'll find a lot of influencers and celebrities who're crazy about them on social networks. You can wear them for a walk, a shopping trip or a date with your friends, and they'll go with practically anything, from oversized sweatshirts and T-shirts through crop tops to jackets. But the ideal choice are tracksuits, which will also save you a lot of time when choosing an outfit.

Tepláková souprava Frankie shopGo to the store
Tepláková souprava Frankie shop

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10

Bet on wide pants

The motto of this year's spring fashion is "the bigger, the more comfortable", and the rule also applies to pants. Forget skinny jeans and rather try jeans or trousers with wide pant legs. Oh, here's a little tip: If you opt for on high-heeled shoes that will be hidden under the wide pants, you'll inconspicuously make your legs appear longer.

Široké kalhoty St. AgniGo to the store
Široké kalhoty St. Agni

Oversized jackets for the win!

Size really knows no bounds this spring. Don't have an oversized boyfriend jacket in your closet yet? Then hurry up and fix it, now! Not only will you look trendy and chic in it, but it will also visually lengthen your figure. This year, 90s jackets will be trendy too, so don't be afraid to pick one with shoulder pads. If this style doesn't appeal to you, try a trench coat, you can never go wrong with that.

Oversized sako Stella McCartney Go to the store
Oversized sako Stella McCartney

Pastel shades are the ultimate hit of the spring of 2021

This spring will be dominated by pastel shades that look youthful and nice at first glance. If you buy some pieces in powder pink, pistachio, vanilla or lilac, success is guaranteed. A light shade of blue, also known as baby blue, will also be trendy this year, and it represents an ideal choice for the transition from winter to spring.

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Jennifer Lopez v teplákové soupravě odstínu lila
Jennifer Lopez v teplákové soupravě odstínu lilaSource:

Lila teplákovka Être CécileGo to the store
Lila teplákovka Être Cécile
Světle modrý outfit AZ FactoryGo to the store
Světle modrý outfit AZ Factory

Beige has never offended anyone

Beige shades are in no danger of going out of fashion, because they're easy to combine and always look great. At the moment, the so-called camel total look has gained a lot of fans among world-famous fashion influencers and celebrities, and even fashion designers are toying with it. To avoid making your outfit too boring, combine different shades of beige, such as cream, sand, body, camel or light cappuccino. Don't be afraid to combine pastel and beige colours, too.

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Olivia Palermo ve světle béžovém outfitu
Olivia Palermo ve světle béžovém outfituSource:

Světle béžový oblek Envelope1976Go to the store
Světle béžový oblek Envelope1976

White booties, fashion boots and platform sneakers have a lot of oomph

While they may be a little impractical when it comes to maintenance, they will definitely give your outfit a completely different twist. What are we talking about? White booties with a massive sole and fashion boots, which have been in the spotlight since autumn. If you don't like white, bet on cream shades. In the spring, we'll also see a lot of comfortable sneakers on a higher platform with a retro vibe.

Boots Gia Couture Go to the store
Boots Gia Couture
Tenisky na platformě Alexander McQueenGo to the store
Tenisky na platformě Alexander McQueen

Flat pointy shoes and ballerinas make a comeback

This year, moccasins and flat slippers, as well as pointy shoes, will be back in fashion. Ideally, but them in a neutral colour. Minimalistic ballerinas will also be trying to get back into the limelight.

Kožené baleríny KhaiteGo to the store
Kožené baleríny Khaite
Kožené boty do špičky Serena UziyelGo to the store
Kožené boty do špičky Serena Uziyel

The more distinctive the jewellery, the better!

Subtle jewellery that's been has been enjoying a lot of attention recently has been replaced by distinctive chains, earrings and rings, which will go very well with simple everyday outfits as well as minimalist evening gowns. On top of that, massive jewellery ensures that its wearer will stand out from the crowd. Forget about tiny earrings and modest bracelets. If you can't see it from a distance, it's not trendy!

Řetězový náramek Dolce & GabbanaGo to the store
Řetězový náramek Dolce & Gabbana
Řetězový náhrdelník Loren StewartGo to the store
Řetězový náhrdelník Loren Stewart

Now, dear ladies, it's only up to you, whether you decide to take some inspiration from these spring trends. In any case, we firmly believe that after reading this article, you'll manage to avoid fashion Hell.

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