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World celebrities are dead serious about fighting for the environment

Hollywood stars are saving the nature. Their message is: "Treat nature with respect, else we'll die out."

Karolína Lišková
12.Aug 2019
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Leonardo di Caprio

Last week, experts gathered in Geneva to discuss climate change. The UN claims that if we do not start behaving more responsibly towards each other, but mainly towards our soil, we will be in trouble. This problem has long been recognized by world celebrities, of which Leonardo DiCaprio is especially worth mentioning. His foundation donated 2.2 billion crowns to the fight against climate change!

Leonardo meets a variety of people who care about nature.
Leonardo in a rain forrest
It is not just a movie what Brad and Leonardo connect, it is also concern for the environment

The actor started the foundation in 1998 and appeals for a solution of this global problem every year. He has already supported more than 200 environmental projects and addressed the issue of deforestation and the impact it has on the animals living in the rainforest on his Instagram.

"Animals are slowly dying out, and it doesn't have to be happening."

Unfortunately, these touching words haven't been met with understanding from the side of the highest representatives of the countries where the rainforests are located. For instance, the deforestation rate of the Amazon has risen sharply over the past quarter, according to the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research. President Jair Bolsonaro said the data were false. Even though photos from the location prove the opposite. Evidently, the best tactic is to keep everything under wraps.

In July alone, 2254 square kilometers of vegetation were destroyed, which is three to five times more than during the same period in the last four years.

Say no to meat

According to a UN report, about a quarter of harmful greenhouse gases

are produced by agriculture, forestry and other land use. In addition, agriculture consumes 70 % of all available water resources in the world! Lowering meat consumption should contribute to reducing the amount of methane produced by livestock during digestion, which is one of the factors causing the greenhouse effect, thus contributing to climate change.

No wonder that many celebrities such as Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger, Pamela Anderson, Jim Carrey and Bryan Adams have gone vegetarian.

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Sexbomb Pamela fights against fur coats, zoos and she doesn
Sexbomb Pamela fights against fur coats, zoos and she doesn't eat meatSource: Facebook Pamely Anderson

Celebrities and foundations

Actor Robert Redford has been a member of the Board of the Conservation Council for over 40 years and since 2007, he has been broadcasting an environmental programme on his channel Sundance TV. Among the actresses, Julia Roberts is a notable example of a star with an ecological attitude. She didn't limit herself solely to the use of organic cosmetics or protesting against fur coats; she also drives a Prius and lives in a “solar home”. Moreover, she acted as a spokesperson for a renewable energy organization and is working to set up a retail chain of biofuel service stations.

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Beautiful Julia also gives a lead
Beautiful Julia also gives a leadSource: Facebook Julie Roberts

One of the most attractive actors, Brad Pitt, also made himself visible through environmental activities. His Make It Right Foundation focuses on building houses in hurricane-destroyed New Orleans using green technology and materials. We can also name the singer Sting, who started the Rainforest Foundation to protect the world's forests.

Michelle Rodriguez is a great supporter of Sea Shepherd, an organisation which protects all marine life. She even took part in a seal rescue expedition.

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Michelle Rodrguez support the organization Sea Shepherd.
Michelle Rodrguez support the organization Sea Shepherd. Source: Markéta Schusterová

And we could make this list endless. But even though world celebrities are setting a good example for the rest of us, it still isn't enough. Not only politicians, but also the less visible inhabitants of this planet need to start caring. Otherwise, we'll be fried in our own juices here every summer, until eventually we'll have nothing to eat. Czechs people will have to get used to queuing at shops again, just like in the communism era...

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