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Isolation, begone!

Holidays abroad: These countries are awaiting your arrival; we know what rules you have to follow

Eva Ledecká
02.Jun 2020
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It has been long months of uncertainty and wondering whether we would be able to go on holiday abroad this summer. Now it's more than certain that we will! But not anywhere we please. Which country borders are most likely to open for us in mid-June? And what will we have to go through if we decide to go on vacation? has accurate information for you on what you can expect from which country.

On June 15, the borders of more than twenty European countries, including Hungary, Austria, Germany, Greece and Croatia, should open for the Czechs fully and without restrictions (even for tourists and without Covid-19 testing). You can find a complete list of them at the end of the article. What exactly awaits you at borders, airports and hotels?

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

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Tipycký obrázek Řecka
Tipycký obrázek ŘeckaSource:


Entry to Greece will be allowed only through Athens Airport. As citizens of a low-risk country, we won't have to undergo mandatory tests on arrival, but random testing will take place at the airport. Every hotel in the country will have its own doctor, whom we will be able to contact with symptoms. The aim is to prevent the spread of the disease in the hotels as well as in the destination itself.


When going to Croatia, we won't have to prove the reason for travel. Entry into the country will be allowed to anyone who presents a confirmed reservation of accommodation. You need to provide contact details and information on the place and length of your stay, either at the border or in advance using an online form. At the moment, you have to take your temperature every morning for the first 14 days and contact your local doctor if it's higher than 37.2 degrees. There's no testing upon entering the country. Wearing a face mask is recommended in Croatia, but it's not mandatory.

Flights to Croatia are also being launched. Smartwings will start flying to Split from June 10 and to Dubrovnik from June 13.


Touristic travel to Germany hasn't been allowed yet and police carried out random checks. That should also change in mid-June; from then on, we could start visiting our neighbors as tourists. In Germany, you can walk on the street without face masks from May 25, but we'd have to put them on inside.

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Hallstatt v Rakousku
Hallstatt v Rakousku Source:


From 15.6., we could also head to Austria without testing and for any purpose. Here, too, face masks are worn in shops and public transport, they're not mandatory on the street. With the releasing of measures, cafes, restaurants, bars and shops gradually opened. And on May 29, swimming pools, monuments and hotels opened too. So far, one can enter the country only after presenting a negative test for Covid-19, an obligation that should be abolished for Czech citizens from 15.6.


Hungary should also open its borders to tourists in mid-June. Until now, it was possible to enter the country without mandatory quarantine only for the purpose of a business trip, which had to be proven by an invitation, otherwise one had to apply for entry. Flights from Prague to Budapest have not yet been resumed. Currently, the safety of visitors in the thermal baths, which are usually one of the main tourist destinations for visitors to Hungary, is being addressed.

No matter which of these countries you're heading to, one thing is certain: disinfection and face masks will become an integral part of your suitcase, handbag and backpack. The safety measures in these countries are similar to ours, so be careful, protect yourself and others, but most importantly, enjoy your trip - you deserve it!

A traffic light system classifies countries according to their epidemiological situation

Countries that have been given the green light at the government traffic light, are considered safe and can be traveled to without restrictions: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Cyprus, Iceland. There is no need to have a negative test for Covid-19.

Countries belonging to the orange zone with a medium risk of infection: Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark. We can travel there without a negative test, but tourists heading to the Czech Republic need to have one.

Countries that have been included in the red zone and as such have a high risk of infection: Great Britain, Sweden. When traveling from these countries, not only foreigners but also Czechs need to have a negative test.

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