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The luxurious FA-13 Combat Bomber motorcycle is a “swan song”. Confederate, a short-run manufacturer of exclusive machines now wants to focus on production of luxurious electric motorcycles which it intends to launch onto the market. If you don’t know Confederate Motorcycles, you most certainly need to rectify that!

The high-performance FA 13 Combat Bomber motorcycle

Mgr. Jana Höger
09.Jan 2018
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FA 13 Combat Bomber

The unique nature of motorcycles from the Confederate Motorcycles stables

The manufacturer which produces these motorcycles is difficult to classify. The thing which makes these machines so interesting is their luxurious design and the technical design of the frame. Let’s have a closer look at the FA 13 Combat Bomber. The engine is situated in a distinctive aluminium frame which also serves as an airbox and fuel tank. You can easily check the status of the air filter and the amount of fuel you have left from the side of the tank via a see-through cut-out. The front carbon wheel is fitted on parallelogram forks, the rear wheel is made from the same material and fitted in a classic aluminium “pendulum”. But the shock-absorber is not to be found in the conventional place: you will find it inside the triangular fork. The 4D Aerotec system contains 4 discs which clamp two radial four-piston brakes.

The Combat Bomber is driven by a powerful V-twin engine with an engine capacity of 2163 cc. The stated power output is 150 bhp at the rear wheel with torque of 217 Nm. Now that really is monstrous performance! 

What is certain to grab your attention?

You gaze will come to rest on the seat of the FA 13 Combat Bomber. It is unusually large, distinctively sewn and made of the same material as the grips on the handlebars. It wonderfully suits the dark grey of the machine.

A luxurious machine which knows its worth.

In essence, this model is the last representative of its brand to be fitted with a petrol engine. The reason for this is allegedly the fact that Confederate has nowhere else to go in construction and design of motorcycles with a conventional engine. This is why the FA-13 Combat Bomber represents the dignified swan song of this American brand. In the future, this will certainly be a luxury motorcycle valued by collectors. It is estimated that only 13 of these machines will be made and it could be yours for USD 155,000.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8
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FA 13 Combat Bomber
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