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Everything you need to know about the Birkin bag

Hermès games: Buying the legendary Birkin bag is a science

Marie Ševčíková
11.Sep 2020
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Victoria Beckham pověstná Birkinkami

The bag that isn't for everyone. Literally. The luxurious bag called Birkin cannot be obtained without first knowing certain rules of this fashion shopping game. We found out for you how it actually works.

How does one go about buying the legendary Birkin bag by Hermès? Ladies, if you have watched the series Sex and the City, you'll surely be able to recall the scene in which Samantha is horrified to discover that they will not sell her a Birkin bag just like that, but will put her on a five-year waiting list, like any other mortal. Is the scene actually in line with reality though? How does it play out when somebody wants to obtain the iconic bag as an accessory or an investment into their wardrobe? And why should you even want a Birkin bag?

Why to get a Birkin specifically

Well, mainly because they're really pretty. But that's obvious. And that's not all. It was designed to be practical above all. As you may know, it's named after the actress Jane Birkin, who just incidentally happened to complain on a plane trip to the legendary executive chairman of Hermès that she hadn't yet found a bag that would fit all her requirements. And that's how it all started, actually. This may have happened a while ago, but that doesn't make the Birkin bag outdated. Quite the opposite.

Another reason to get the bag is gaining an unmistakable key to the world of luxury. At the start you'll surely be content with just one, but who knows...? Victoria Beckham, for example, is rumored to own around a hundred. It's part of the wardrobes of Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Irina Shayk or Kate Moss.

And last but not least, don't forget that this hand-crafted luxurious purse from the highest quality leather is also a really good investment. Over the years, its value continues to rise. We can say with certainty that you will not want to sell it.

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Kabelka Birkin oranžová kůže
Kabelka Birkin oranžová kůžeSource: / Wen-Cheng Liu

Purchase: How To

So we know that we want a Birkin. And we know why, too. Now the only thing left is to tell you what you have to do to get one.

Rule number 1: Make yourself at home at Hermès

When you walk into a boutique right off the street, so to speak, and you usually prefer other brands, forget easily buying the bag right away. You may be able to convince an assistant to put you onto the wait list, but you definitely won't be able to actually look at a bag before. I set out to try it, in a nice dress and high heels I walked on the old town pavement all the way to Pařížská street, but it still didn't pan out. Birkin bags are officially sold only to existing clients. Ahem, selected clients. Because an acquaintance of mine found out first hand that even if you are a repeat customer, it's your birthday and you bring a bunch of money, you won't get what you want. What shock it was when a friend of hers came to her birthday party with a new Birkin. They'd gone to there the same day! But her friend had probably radiated "Hermès energy", and the assistant ladies simply have the power to choose who is worthy of the bag. She hadn't even originally gone in for the bag, and she was still offered one that a previous customer rejected. Like excuse me?! You'll run into the same situation just wanting to look at one. You'll still have to be lucky, with one of the ordered bags having arrived at the store for somebody else, to be able to see one of them.

Rule number 2: You know what you want

When you're going in to order a bag, don't forget to do thorough research. It definitely helps to know what color, size and details you want. Imagination knows no bounds, but be concrete. So: I want a Birkin, size 30 cm, emerald green color, gold hardware, smooth leather. Easy, isn't it? If such specifications trouble you, regarding whether the bag will be versatile and will match your outfit, know that it will. Because you'll carry a Birkin. It simply matches everything.

Rule number 3: Wait!

The most luxurious are, of course, the crocodile skin bags, that's why you have to wait ages for them. In general it takes about a year, but it's possible that you may wait for the classical black even longer. The materials are carefully selected and the handcrafting cannot be sped up either. And don't forget that there are numerous other customers waiting before you.

When I was trying to get at least some kind of time frame out of the assistant lady at the boutique, I once again had no luck. They allegedly don't even know it themselves, so I left empty-handed. Allegedly there are ways to get a bag online, but you have to pay extra, sometimes even double. And, of course, keep in mind that the prices start at 200,000 CZK and it won't be any less. It just won't.

So, in conclusion? Buying a Birkin is definitely a choice you will not regret. But this game has certain rules. And when you stick to these three iron laws, you definitely succeed!

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

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