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The right time has come to grow a mustache.

Hercule Poirot and Borat are in again! Grow your mustache as well. Movember is coming

Linda Veselá
27.Oct 2020
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Muž s knírem a v obleku

They are stylish, unmissable and you have been dreaming of a decent mustache for a while. So why not grow one right now? In addition, it will help a good thing - to spread awareness about men's health. November is approaching and with it the Movember awareness campaign.

Mustaches are in again

It began with a combination of the words Mustache and November and the recessionary event of a group of Australian surfers in 2003 trying to get mustaches back on course. It has been transformed into one of the largest men's health information campaigns in the world. In a few days, men will shave again and keep growing their mustaches till the end of the month to support the fight against prostate cancer. And you can join them!

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Muž s knírem v kožené bundě
Muž s knírem v kožené bunděSource: Profimedia

Thousands of unnecessary deaths

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in males and the number of men suffering of it increases every year. In 2018, Czech doctors diagnosed prostate cancer with almost 8,000 men, and more than 1,300 succumbed to the disease. If the disease is found in time, it is almost always curable.

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Muž sedí v posteli
Muž sedí v posteliSource:

"Our medical system works well. We are able to treat patients with cancer very effectively,"

said the chairman of the Czech Urological Society Roman Zachoval.

Attending medical checks pays off

A prostate tumor is not painful, it usually manifests itself only in an enlarged prostate and an increase of the level of PSA in the blood. Although it most often affects people in their seventies, it begins to appear in men around the age of 43.

Men often go to the urologist late and neglect preventive examinations. According to experts, there is no other prevention.

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"There are a number of hypotheses, a number of myths. But none of that was confirmed. For this reason, in the prevention of prostate cancer, it is necessary to pay attention to a secondary prevention - to go for preventive examinations,"

appeals Zachoval.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Women often know more

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Žena s knírem
Žena s kníremSource:

Men often do not have enough information about the disease. This was confirmed by a survey conducted by the Men Against Cancer Foundation among 330 respondents. It showed the surprising result that in regards to prevention, it is crucial to involve women as well.

In addition to raising appeal to men, they also know more. For example, out of twelve questions about prostate cancer, women answered eight correctly, while men answered only four.

Karel Gott also had a mustache

To change men’s view on their health and inform them better is a goal of the Movember campaign that reached Czech Republic in 2009.

"Originally, it was more of an event for a smaller urban subculture,"

recalls the campaign coordinator Jiří Hofreiter. In 2014, however, various ambassadors joined the campaign, including Karel Gott. Today, men of all ages, women and entire families, as well as professional groups such as police officers and firefighters are involved in the campaign.

Prepare your mustaches!

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Mladý muž s bradkou a knírem
Mladý muž s bradkou a kníremSource:

In addition to growing your mustache, you can also get involved by running or walking 60 kilometers in a month. Or that you organize an online meeting.

"The money we collect in the Czech Republic is also returned to the Czech Republic through the Movember Foundation, through the Men Against Cancer Foundation,"

added Hofreiter. The foundation then uses it for educational and preventive programs - for example, to print information materials, operate the call-line or purchase medical equipment.

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