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When sex tries to kill you...

After a stroke, he was nearly killed by an orgasm in the hospital!

Karolína Lišková
08.Oct 2019
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Lukáš Barda je digitální nomád, který nyní přednáší na téma jak být offline, ale happy.

A young IT guy Lukáš Barda experienced a truly bizarre situation. A healthy youth who loved sport, nature and an active lifestyle all his life. He had never been ill, which kind of made him think he was a Superman who could handle just about anything. That was probably his downfall, because his workaholism was put to an abrupt stop by a stroke. Although his life was at stake at that moment, his girlfriend called the ambulance in time. One could say that she saved his life, but a bit later, she almost took it again... by bringing him to an orgasm.

Rehabilitace byly zdlouhavé.
Celý život aktivně žil.
Lukáš miluje surfování.
Dnes mají dvě malé děti.

Few people realize how dangerous, even fatal sex can be. The doctors didn't give the young man, who was recovering from a stroke in the neurology department at Motol, any kind of warning. He felt fine and was scheduled to go home on Sunday. Like any other day, his girlfriend visited him on Saturday afternoon.

Killer sex

"We were doing the things adults do together. No one was there, which was convenient, I was already feeling well…"

Lukáš says now with a shy smile. Although his body got its relief, his brain wasn't too happy about the orgasm. Out of the blue, he got a headache and his eyes rolled back into his skull. Lukáš doesn't remember anything, he didn't wake up from artificial sleep until two weeks later. His family was going through Hell on Earth because the doctors had told them to prepare for the worst - his death.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

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V nemocnici.
V nemocnici. Source: archiv L. Bardy

Cerebral haemorrhage

The increased pressure caused by the orgasm caused the healing tissue in the brain to burst. It resulted in cerebral haemorrhage. He had to undergo an operation immediately, during which half of his cerebellum was removed. When he woke up from artificial sleep, still with a hole in his head, half of his body was paralyzed. Not only was Barda confused, but his recovery period was extended by almost four months.

"But I was lucky it happened in the hospital. Had it happened at home, and happen it would have, I don't know how things would have turned out,"

wonders Lukáš, who is thirty-four years old today. He enjoys good health now. While he does have minor issues with fine motor skills, it doesn't prevent him from anything.

All's well that ends well

He married his girlfriend, who'd first saved his life and then almost took it. Today, they have two young children together. Lukáš reconsidered the way he used to live.

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Lukáš si přítelkyni, která mu byla oporou v nejhorších chvílích života, vzal za ženu.
Lukáš si přítelkyni, která mu byla oporou v nejhorších chvílích života, vzal za ženu.Source: archiv L. Bardy

"It may sound like a cliché, but I almost died of sex, that sort of thing makes you re-evaluate your values. I slowed down. I am humble and grateful, surely there was a reason why this bizarre thing happened to me,"

he says openly.

In the Czech Republic, stroke affects about 30,000 people every year, with an average of 28 deaths per day. Approximately 70 % of patients recover completely if treatment is started within one hour of the onset of symptoms. "The basic symptoms of stroke include a drop in the corner of the mouth and eye, a decrease in the drop of one hand, and in general it can be paralysis of one half of the body. Another sign is a very bad, incomprehensible language, the affected person may often appear to be drunk. It is important to maintain a regular and sufficient sleep regimen, to eat healthy and to follow a healthy lifestyle," explained Iva Křenová, a representative of the Time Is Brain Foundation.

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