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Dresses for a princess, queen, duchess or Hollywood star. Marchesa has created the stunning S/S 2018 collection for all luxury gown lovers.

The heavenly collection of luxury dresses Marchesa S/S 2018 will take your breath away

Martina Šmalclová
25.Jan 2018
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Marchesa SS 2018

Marchesa has outdone itself yet again, and raised the bar even higher

What the duo of creative directors, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, present is absolutely perfect. The talented designers set the bar very high indeed with their Spring/Summer collection last year. It was merely a question of what they would come up with this year, and whether they would surpass last year’s success, or at least equal it. And indeed they did. The Japanese inspiration created pieces that took everybody’s breath away during New York Fashion Week! 

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Martina Šmalclová
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

Inspired by adventure traveller Aimée Crocker, who loved pearls, snakes and Buddhism

The designers were inspired by adventure traveller Aimée Crocker, who garnered fame for her expeditions to the Far East. You may not see the snakes that Aimée so often wore around her neck, even to soirees, in the collection, but you will see plenty of luxurious pearls. The inspiration by the Far East, specifically Japan, is also evident in the flood of cherry blossoms, which appear plentifully in the collection.

Every luxurious gown requires hundreds of hours of precise handwork

Georgina Chapman stated that the preparation of some gowns required hundreds of hours of uninterrupted handwork. When looking at the luxurious, detailed craftsmanship of these fashion masterpieces, it is clear that she wasn’t exaggerating. The gowns are embellished with crystals, pearls, feathers or romantic blossoms. The brand used fabrics such as organza, tulle and satin.

Prodej bytu 2+kk (3+kk), Praha 3 Žižkov - 69m2
Prodej bytu 2+kk (3+kk), Praha 3 Žižkov - 69m2, Praha 3

Let yourself be carried away by the playful collection of cherry blossoms and maxi bows

Browse the heavenly S/S 2018 collection in the gallery. It offers everything you could ever dream of. Narrow and elegant tailoring, wide princess skirts, rich layering, a flood of blossoms, gold appliqués, high slits, deep necklines and playful maxi bows. This collection is simply fun! 


Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

A work of Mother Nature herself...

The dream of every fancy gown designer is for their dresses to look like the work of Mother Nature herself. And in my view, the Marchesa brand did just that. Looking at the gown, which seems to be made of a gossamer web beset with flowers, it is nothing short of a masterpiece!

I don’t think even Sleeping Beauty in the fairy tale had a gown as beautiful as the blonde model in the almost sheer dress interwoven with a rose bush!!! A woman in a dress like that is simply unforgettable, which is why I would definitely choose it. Unfortunately, there are very few occasions in our city where a piece like that would be appropriate. It might be suitable for the Czech TOP 100 ball.

I also adored the black gown with the infinitely deep neckline, which consist of loads of necklaces. It is rather in the style of “The Great Gatsby” – the 1920s. That’s what I like about it! Just light a cigarette in a slim holder and go out for dinner at the Art Nouveau restaurant in the Municipal House.

Ornella Koktová
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