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The designer who was ahead of his time celebrated his 97th birthday.

He gave the world sexy space fashion à la Star Trek, now you can admire his models in a museum

Martina Šmalclová
07.Aug 2019
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Sexy space fashion by Pierre Cardin

Think plastic and vinyl are recent trends? Think again!

Plastic and vinyl, materials that have dominated the catwalks of the world's fashion weeks in recent years, are certainly not hot news, even though it may seem that way at first glance. They've already experienced their boom more than fifty years ago, when designer Pierre Cardin came up with sexy space suits. The Brooklyn Museum decided to give him a unique gift for his impressive 97th birthday - his own retrospective exhibition called Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion.

The end of the sixties belonged to Star Trek, Apollo 11 and Barbarella

The landing on the Moon, Barbarella and Star Trek - a trio that launched science-fiction and anything space-themed into stellar heights in the late 1960s. But the fashion world had already fallen for the magic of space a few years earlier, thanks to Pierre Cardin's futuristic collection.

1964: Pierre Cardin's Space Age

The French designer born in Italy, who worked for leading Parisian artists such as Christian Dior or Elsa Schiaparelli, has always enjoyed pure lines, geometric shapes and experimentation with new materials. He applied all of his favorite elements while creating the luxurious futuristic Space Age collection, which gained him world recognition in 1964. It didn't take long and the world was flooded with vinyl mini skirts and strange hoods! There is no doubt that Pierre Cardin's models, which feature many current key elements, would score at the Paris Fashion Week even in this day and age.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

The exhibition runs until 2020

A luxury exhibition that pays tribute to the designer's work mirrors futuristic models from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. It will be on display in The Brooklyn Museum until January 5, 2020.

Are you planning a trip to New York by then? If so, you'll have the perfect opportunity to enjoy the unique cosmic atmosphere and take a tour through the timeless work of one of the most talented fashion designers of history for $ 25, which is about 575 crowns.

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