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To be able to climb up among the clouds and enjoy luxurious views over the jungle below. A lot of travellers head for the Hawaiian island of Oahu for precisely this experience, despite the fact that entrance to the “stairway to heaven” has been prohibited for a long time now.

The Hawaiian Haiku Stairs: forbidden luxurious views

Eva Ledecká
07.May 2017
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The stairs are not luxurious in their own right. The luxury comes from the breath-taking views which are a fair reward for the demanding hike needed to reach them.   

Ha'ikü Stairs
Ha'ikü Stairs
Ha'ikü Stairs

A luxurious location for a radio station

The island of Oahu is located about 13 miles from Honolulu and Haiku was originally a military stairway.

In 1942, the American army wanted to establish a radio station on the Ko'olau Mountain Range and it was precisely there, at a height of 775 that it was in fact built. A total of 3,992 wooden stairs led up to this, later replaced by steel ones. It is precisely these steps which attract adventurers, lovers of luxurious views and a feeling of freedom.

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

To heaven despite the ban

The path has been closed since 1987 due to possible landslides and the ever-increasing risk, but travellers who yearn for new experiences are not put off by this fact. Their longing for luxurious views which you can’t experience anywhere else are just stronger.

Every single traveller who has travelled here and conquered the stairs claims that it is one of the more beautiful experiences they have ever had. You are certain to take the most impressive and powerful impressions away with you if you get here as the sun rises. You will however increase your level of adrenaline due to the fact that you will have to avoid the guards watching the stairs. 

Future of the stairs

The stairs were open to the public in the past, so it is possible that they will be reopened with an entrance fee charged. Costly reconstruction is however necessary to save them and for the time being, only the voluntary organisation Friends of Ha'ikü Stairs looks after them.

The authorities are however also considering tearing the stairs down, something which has caused outcry among the locals for whom the stairs represent one of the symbols of the island. We will leave it for you to decide whether it would be a shame to deny mankind such a fascinating route and such breath-taking views.

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