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Matyáš Hložek evaluates Victoria's Secret models!

Harsh honesty: What bothers the man of the year about Victoria's Secret angels

Matyáš Hložek
27.Nov 2018
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4 minutes

Choosing the best model from the Victoria's Secret show is no easy task. All the models would be sexy even in a potato bag!

However, I must mention the fact that this year's edition was more boring for me than the past ones. Where are the fascinating sexy models, huge wings, luxury and shine? The design just don’t have as much zest this year! Still there are the seductive models that scored this year, but also those that would have no chance with me!

Photos of the most beautiful models according to Matyáš Hložek can be found in the gallery under the article.

I'm starting with the 4 worst designs of the show. These absolutely disappointed me!

13th place: Gigi Hadid

This is the biggest disaster of this year's show! And it's unbelievable that the shortest stick was pulled by Gigi, a model that most of the guys on the planet adore! Over the top, cheesy, repulsive! Such were the outfits in which she walked. The mad pink-all-color outfit completely covers her up and, in addition, it looks like she is pulling a parachute behind her, which she used to land right in the middle of a perverse circus. Horrible!

I did not understand the outfit full of colored square with the absolutely useless fanny pack at all. Gigi looks like a schoolgirl, who is eager to seduce the class teacher for a better mark. I doubt she could do it! And we're talking about a top-class model!

12th place: Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill wore one of the least flattering outfits. I think the combination of colors with these clothes is rather tasteless. And I don’t like the boots, either. The outfit looks more like that of a prostitute than of a sexy model. There is NOTHING about the outfit that would get any guy off. It's a "next, please" outfit. Definitely a thumbs down!

11th place: Josephine Skriver

Here it seems to me that the designers couldn't think of anything, so they just mixed everything together. I like the green with blue on squares, but the colors and patterns should have ended there! The purple checkered socks are neither sexy or cute, neither original or interesting. They are totally useless and absolutely tasteless. Josephine is not a schoolgirl, but a beautiful woman who, unfortunately, does not deserve this.

10th place: Candice Swanepoel

It is true that this outfit accentuated the beautiful legs that Candice is endowed with, but at the top it covered too much with an ordinary T-shirts. And that's a pity on a Victoria's Secret catwalk. Candice should be covered as little as possible! She looks like a high school cheerleader or a contestant at a wet T-shirt contest. I prefer not to talk about the bow that makes her look like an Easter lamb! Bows, yes, but somewhere else! This is a big misstep in a show with such a reputation!

The worst is over. Now comes a series of outfits that were simply missing something.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

9th place: Adriana Lima

Here I have to appreciate the white peacock feathers. Other than those, I do not understand why Adrian is wearing a strange transparent shirt with some ornaments. It’s not bad, but it’ definitely not the sexy outfit this hot model would deserve. What's more, it's probably her last show for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

8th place: Winnie Harlow

We see pink and silver combos on the catwalk multiple times. The feathers somewhat revived the outfit, but otherwise? Winnie looks like she's going home from some open-air music festival in the hot summer. This does not belong on a Victoria's Secret catwalk!

7th place: Jasmine Tookes

I don’t know if they ran out of inspiration here, but the outfit is quite similar to the one worn by Romee Strijd. Seeing it a second time is a bit boring. Jasmine is a beautiful woman and the outfit suits her, there is no doubt about that. But it ends there.

6th place: Behati Slays

Black definitely does not have to be boring. And Behati Slays in a black outfit is proof! The slits that make you examine her body in detail are very interesting. And that's not bad at all. The model could have been much better if Behati had huge, perhaps bright red wings. I am missing them with this outfit a lot!

The best for last. These are the TOP 5 best outfits of the entire show!

5th place: Sara Sampaio

Sara is incredibly sexy in this model. Red and black, that is a devilish combination that should be worn more! It reminds me of Scottish checkers, which is really sexy on girls. I love her boots, too. I could just look at Sara for an hour unfastening them!

4th place: Romee Strijd

A very nice outfit! The concept of "dressed undressed" leaves no man cold, you can be sure of that, dear ladies. Silver in combination with pink suits tanned skin, which Romee, of course, knows! Add the blonde mane and Pamela Anderson from Baywatch can go looking for another job. We want to be saved by Romee Strijd now!

3rd place: Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk is like an untouchable crystal queen! The luxurious Fantasy bra is just for her. Everything is so perfect and flawless it is almost intimidating. Beautiful to look at, but it is as if the outfit is saying, "careful, fragile goods" or "do not touch the exposed objects". This year, just like last, the Fantasy bra is a wonderful piece of art, and it must be appreciated. In addition, Elsa looks great and if she had a crown, the whole world would be at her feet! (If it isn't already.)

2nd place: Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid in white is seriously something! It reminds a little of an angel with a devil inside, whom surely no man would force to cook and clean at home. Although...the idea is not bad, either! The innocent white lingerie is decorated with a rich silver necklace. I also like the original sleeves. Bella Hadid’s outfit only proves that white does not have to be boring! So, ladies, liven up your nice white lingerie a little and turn it into an outfit for unforgettable moments!

1st place: Kendall Jenner

Kendall looked like a goddess who could easily sit on a throne upon Mount Olympus! Lace black underwear in conjunction with silver accessories would drive any man crazy. Of course, her sexy figure and bewitching glance are a great bonus that feeds the already smoking hot fantasies of men. And the second model in which she showed up on the catwalk? That short skirt is no coincidence, is it? Kendall Jenner takes first place for me!

And what would I say at the end? I hope next year will be more magnificent and more successful! As Victoria's Secret used to be.

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