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The outpouring of beautiful, differently rounded yellow vegetable - the pumpkins - is here again. We will tell you, together with the florist, Metamorphosis, about luxury tips to beautify your home.

Halloween Rage with Metamorphosis Florist

Mgr. Jana Höger
31.Oct 2018
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The Metamorphosis florist and Halloween

The Metamorphosis florist and its luxurious tips for decorations

It looks breath-taking when the top of the pumpkin is decorated by a variety of flowers. If you go and add some cut ornaments on top of that, you get a truly luxurious pumpkin decoration! The "special recipe" of Metamorphosis is the use of various types of green leaves, of typically autumnal colour tones, colourful hydrangea and mainly rosehips of varied types and sizes.

We have asked Soňa Průšová from the luxury florist, Metamorphosis, about current trends associated with autumnal decorations and Halloween.

What are the latest trends in terms of decoration of pumpkins?

Carving of shapes, decorations by flowers, arrangements with candles and of course, all the autumnal kind of fruit.

When you hear the word ´Halloween´ what comes to your mind?

Definitely scarecrows.

Which things can you decorate on Halloween?

The doors may be decorated by an autumnal wreath, on the windowsill you can place carved pumpkins in combination with candles, autumnal branches of rosehips may hang in the windows.

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

Who do you think enjoys Halloween the most?

For some, Halloween means beautifully-crafted decorations. These adorn not only the interior, but the exterior, too. You can see variously decorated, carved pumpkins in front of the houses. The more adventurous natures, which don´t get easily disheartened, display various scary figures of witches, skeletons, broomsticks, owls or black cats. Most of all, this holiday is enjoyed by children. In America there is a tradition of trick and treating. Children dress up in scary costumes and go from house to house with the traditional "trick or treat" message, where they are rewarded mainly by luxury sweets.

And what about you? Do you celebrate Halloween or not?

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