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In the evening of Tuesday 31 October, you’ll see a steady stream of evil witches, good fairies, terrifying undead and curious living pumpkin-heads on the streets. And the group of monsters will certainly be joined by a crazy clown or two this year! So, where does one find the best Halloween masks?

Halloween is Around the Corner: Crazy Clowns are this Year's Hit!

Eva Ledecká
25.Oct 2017
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Crazy clowns are horrifying

Vampires, undead, mummies and sexy witches were always some of the most popular picks for Halloween. This and last year, however, scary clowns from the recent horror movies are overtaking these classics. Already afraid now? Just wait and see 31 October in action!

Luxury Halloween masks
Clowns are on the top this year!
Dead bride as alive!

Don’t mess with clowns and jesters!

Did you also make the mistake of assuming that clowns and jesters are just about entertainment? We recommend keeping your distance, because the blood on their faces sends an entirely different message! A mysterious sorcerer with long white hair now seems much safer than such a terrifying, insane murderer.

Going to a Halloween party without a costume? Strictly forbidden!

Halloween is an opportunity for us adults to really go all out – and have a costume to match. A unique Halloween party without luxurious masks would simply feel wrong. So don’t hold back and enjoy a Halloween with a costume in which not even your family will recognize you.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

It’s a bit too late to make a luxurious costume at home. And just finding something old in your wardrobe? That’s a bit amateurish, don’t you think? Truly terrifying costumers are available for rent in costume shops, and there’s many to choose from in Prague and all over the Czech Republic. The greatest selection of costumes can be found in the Anděl costume shop and its 7 branch offices.

A truly lively undead bride!

Luxurious costumes allow you to become a sexy zombie schoolgirl, a terrifying Snow White, luxurious undead bride, horror fortune teller or a scary zombie nun! And all that without sacrificing any of your sex appeal!

Cute pumpkins and small zombie pirates as company

Halloween is a lot of fun, and that’s especially true for children. Let them choose what they’d like to go as: a cute fat pumpkin, skeleton, a small devil or vampire?

But be careful! Luxurious costumes will terrify you already when you take them out of the box.

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