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Return to life as we know it?

Wanna go to a hairdresser or have a beer? We know the opening dates of restaurants, shops and services

Karolína Lišková
14.Apr 2020
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Vládní opatření se začnou zmírňovat.

After Easter, the government finally came together and gave the nation hope for a better tomorrow. Although not all politicians agreed with everything, we can look forward to the restrictions being loosened soon. Of course, we'll have to keep wearing face masks and follow increased hygiene measures. We really need to get state economy moving again, but the establishments will be reopened in five stages.

Quality from the farmers

In just a few days, on April 20, we'll be able to head to the farmer's market to buy fresh groceries, thereby supporting Czech farmers, or to pick a new car at a car dealership or in a showroom. Professional athletes can start training, albeit outdoors and in small groups. If you were planning a wedding, you can get married, but invite only those closest to you. A maximum of ten people can participate.

All establishments up to two hundred square meters, unless they are located in large shopping centers, will open on April 27th.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

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V restauracích budou platit pravidla odstupu.
V restauracích budou platit pravidla odstupu. Source: Pixabay

All establishments up to a thousand square meters, again with the exception of those located in large shopping centers (up to five thousand square meters) will open on May 11th. You will finally be able to get your driving license at the driving school and the gyms will also open. Unfortunately, there won't be a possibility to use indoor facilities such as showers.

Beautification in stage four

Owners of restaurants, bars and wine shops will come into their own on 25th May. However, they will only be able to welcome their guests outdoors.

Finally, we will also have the opportunity to get a haircut; hairdressers can already start sharpening their scissors! Manicurists, pedicurists and masseurs will also be able to start taking care of their customers again. If you want to take your children to the zoo, you'll be able to visit only the outdoor area, the pavilions will remain closed. We'll also be able to visit some museums and galleries.

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Konečně budete moci navštívit své zkrášlovače.
Konečně budete moci navštívit své zkrášlovače. Source: Pixabay

The big day is nowhere in sight

If everything goes well and the numbers of the infected are not as drastic as in the neighboring countries, the big day will come on June 8th. Shopping centers, indoor spaces of restaurants, hotels, theaters, castles and zoos will open and taxi services will begin operating.

Cultural and social events up to fifty people will be allowed.

Only graduates and first grade pupils can return to school

As for students, after May 11th, only the first grade of elementary school with a maximum of fifteen children will be able to return to the classroom, making sure that each table is occupied by only one child. Final exams and graduation exams take place on 25 May.

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Do lavic zasednou letos jen žáci prvního stupně.
Do lavic zasednou letos jen žáci prvního stupně. Source: Pixabay

But it would be foolish to think that life will return to normal anytime soon. It won't. We'll still have to be careful, we'll still be wearing face masks. According to Minister Adam Vojtěch, the borders will not open until June at the earliest. Even then, it will be necessary to keep in mind that the virus hasn't gone anywhere; it is here to stay. The government can change their decisions at any time.

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