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This autumn, the luxury cosmetics brand Guerlain will be introducing the exclusive rejuvenating cream Orchidée Impériale Black. This revolutionary skincare product is in particular unique due to the many years of professional research behind it. Which effects can you look forward to?

Guerlain to introduce Orchidée Impériale Black luxury skincare

Ivana Růžičková
03.Oct 2016
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Orchidée Impériale Black

New technology

Thanks to their fifteen-year research into orchids, experts from the Guerlain laboratories have devised a unique skincare range which combines the sensuality and unique properties of this flower. One of the most important properties is without a doubt longevity and thus also rejuvenating effects. The revolutionary Blackimmune technology uses so-called cell immunity and focuses on the final stage of cellular longevity in order to reinforce the natural self-defence mechanisms of the skin. 

Půvabné balení krému Orchidée Impériale Black
Orchidée Impériale Black s válečkovým aplikátorem
Černá orchidej

The black orchid

The black orchid which comes from the Peruvian Andes is a wild flower the colour of ebony. Apart from its colour, it is in particular exceptional in that it blooms for only three weeks in the year. It adapts in its environment thanks to its deep understanding of its surroundings and optimises its longevity thanks to its balanced use of energy – the symbol of youth.

Superior application using an Institut Guerlain method

In order for application of this luxury cream to become a unique experience, Institut Guerlain has developed a roll-on applicator which thoroughly massages the cream into the skin in four different stages – it calms the skin, massages, stimulates and invigorates.

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