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A noble, luxurious breed that was depicted on tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. Perfect movement and unbelievable speed make greyhounds a worshipped breed fit for racing.

Greyhound Derby: Race of a Noble Breed

Eva Ledecká
07.May 2017
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Greyhound Derby Prague

Greyhound derby consists of speed races during which greyhounds hunt a mechanical bait at an unbelievable speed. These races date back to 1912 and even though the tradition is strongest in Anglo-Saxon countries, they are held regularly in 20 countries all over the world. You can visit this luxurious event also in the Czech Republic.  

Nobleness, speed and loyalty: the main traits of greyhounds

The greyhound is the only breed mentioned in the Bible. It is also the oldest full-blood breed and has been respected throughout the history of the human civilization. Since the ancient time, the greyhound has been adored for its unbelievable speed, energy and loyalty. It became a true family member, slept in the tent with its master and rode in a cart, which was normally strictly forbidden for other dogs.

Thanks to wars and trade this luxurious breed spread from Egypt to other countries such as Russia, Greece and the Roman Empire, where it was particularly respected.

Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou
Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou, Praha 4

Greyhound: a symbol of the noble and powerful

In 11th century England, this breed was a symbol of nobility and power. Low-born people were not allowed to breed a greyhound and if a greyhound was killed, it was punished just like the murder of a person.

Today, it is not taken so seriously, but modern greyhounds have very similar traits as their predecessors who lived in the era of Pharaohs. It is still considered a noble breed and has a beautiful physiology akin to an athlete or a strong race car.

Greyhound races

All sighthound breeds participate in races (but greyhounds in particular); these breeds have been bred to be able to run as fast as possible in order to catch prey. They are excellent runners. In the Czech Republic, greyhound racing is a hobby and the dog owners are their trainers, owners and breeders at the same time.

The race takes 30 seconds. In the first start phase, which lasts 3.5 seconds, the greyhound uses over a half of its energy dedicated for the whole track. Still, they only use 6 % of their overall energy potential throughout the race. In the first part they run at up to 70 km/h; the average speed of the rest of the race is 20 m/s. The only faster animal is the cheetah, which can reach up to 109 km/h in the first 3 seconds.

A luxurious show in Prague

Greyhound owners in the Czech Republic associate under the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation and can participate in greyhound races in Prague, specifically in Greyhound Park Motol. The races are held as evening and day events and can take place even when it is raining. The races are accompanied with entertainment and some of them are themed. The most luxurious lady with a greyhound is also announced.

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