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14. 2. may forever change your opinion on your man...

The Great Anti-Valentine's Revelation: What Kind of Man do you Have at Home?

Simona Deutou
11.Feb 2019
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Pretend to be “Anti-Valentine´s” this year and on 14. 2. Observe your husband or partner. Depending on how he will deal with St. Valentine´s you can reveal his true face! We have identified five basic types. What kind of man have you got yourself?

1. A friend 

A football match is just as important as St. Valentine´s celebration. He will invite home his friends and colleagues, but at the same time he doesn´t want to disappoint you either. If he wants to celebrate St. Valentine´s with you while watching the football while having a beer, he takes you more for a friend and not as the love of his life.

2. Egoist

Will he invite you for a luxury dinner, coming late, but absolutely perfect? That´s because he was choosing his luxurious outfit, having also been to as fitness centre and a barber shop. Only when finally arriving at the steakhouse does he actually realize that you are a vegetarian...Oops! For this man the most important thing is his ego, and unfortunately not you quite as much.

3. Buck-passer

He will bring you a flower on 14. February, but for the rest of the year he shows you no affection at all? Does anybody need this holiday in order to buy you a gift? St. Valentine´s became an alibi for men who take it as a necessity to give a present to a woman, allowing them to not to pay attention for the rest of the year ... It that not sad?

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

4. A cold fish

When St. valentine is actually celebrated, he cannot think of anything more original tan to buy a balloon without even inviting you for a dinner? You will be very bored in this relationship. Get a few cooking books - behind the stove you could easily run out of inspiration. 

5. The "Anti-Valentine´s man" who knows what he wants and how to get it, too!

This man doesn´t celebrate St. Valentine's. If you he doesn´t show his love for the entire year it is all bad. But if he brings you gifts, flowers and is able to make you laugh at any time during the entire year, he is the one! We need men like that! Those who won´t be pushed about and show love when they feel like it!

We do not need St. Valentine´s and say No to love on command!

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