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Grand Opening at Trade Fair Palace: Look Forward to Great Artists! (from 15.2.)

Eva Ledecká
15.Feb 2018
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Katharina Grosse, Miraculous Painting

If you are heading into the Trade Fair Palace of the National Gallery to see new exhibitions, you have something to look forward to. The luxurious works here are presented by two great ladies of the artistic world: Katharina Grosse and the recently deceased Maria Lassnig.

Katharina Grosse was present to the press conference, where she praised the luxurious space of the Great Hall of the Trade Fair Palace where her work took the place of the Chinese artist, Ai Wei-wei. Instead of a huge boat full of refugees you can now admire enormous canvases painted to fit this space, called the Miraculous Painting.   

Painting created to fit the Great Hall

As she revealed, this space enables independence of her paintings, which she creates using industrial guns spraying colours and which can be created on any base. She also appreciated the luxurious glass ceiling that during the various times of day and different weather conditions lend the interior a new, unique atmosphere.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

Her speciality are abstracts. For Katharina they mean a step into a new situation, a visit of another reality. And as she hopes her work will not only be the object to be seen, but also a means for reflection. While the Great Hall was shrouded by the mystery of the abstraction from floor to ceiling, the first floor has been in part mastered by American realism, to a greater degree then by more accessible abstracts and self-portraits, due to their smaller format.

Lifelong work of artist Maria Lassnig

The first floor is occupied by an extensive retrospective of one of the most important artists of the 20th as well as 21st century, Maria Lassnig (1919-2014), which was created in cooperation with Tate Liverpool. You can find here over 50 large-format paintings, drawings and sculptures. Her creation was focused on the human body and self-presentation. Among the luxurious works you can find a number of her quotations that are worth reflecting upon. We have brought you some of them:

“The edge of the painting serves as a border; it is a great pity."

"Art begins with the searching of the brain and also analysis of emotions."

"Our eyes should think."

Although in addition to these major artists you can also find at Trade Fair Palace new works of other authors, these two belong among the most notable ones. But don´t want to reveal all! Visit the Trade Fair Palace on 15. February at 19.00 at the grand opening or any time thereafter.

The luxurious exhibition of Katharina Grosse Miraculous Image will be opened to 7th January 2019, and the retrospective exhibition of Marie Lassnig to 17th June 2018.


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