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A long-awaited exhibition was opened in Paris

A grand exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci was opened in Paris. Some of the paintings were loaned by Queen Elizabeth II herself!

Nela Štefanová
05.Nov 2019
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The Paris Louvre Museum holds a unique retrospective exhibition to mark this year's 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death. Here, visitors can admire the work of this Renaissance genius in the most complete form possible. The exhibition was opened in Paris just a few days ago and is has already welcomed more than 220,000 visitors. No wonder there! If you also wish to visit the museum, you definitely need to purches the tickets online. The exhibition will run until February 24, 2020.

Some of the paintings were loaned by Queen Elizabeth II. herself

162 Da Vinci's works under one roof? The Louvre holds an exhibition unlike anything previously seen; the paintings were loaned by Bill Gates or Elizabeth II. Visit this rare Da Vinci exhibition in Paris!

After several years of planning and extensive preparations, a total of 162 paintings, drawings, manuscripts, sculptures and objects from prestigious world museums, galleries and collections were amassed in the Louvre, including ten paintings. If you manage to visit this unique exhibition, you will be able to take a look at Madonna on the Rocks, St. Anne, Saint John the Baptist and a portrait of Lady La Belle Ferronnière, as well as a borrowed Madonna with a Flower from St. Petersburg Hermitage, Portrait of a Young Man or Musician from Milan, Saint Jerome from Vatican Museums, The Head of a Woman or La Scapigliata of Parma, or variations on St Anne from the National Gallery in London.

The artist's most famous work, the Mona Lisa painting, remained in its permanent spot for the duration of the exhibition out of capacity reasons.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

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La Scapigliata
La ScapigliataSource: Pinterest

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"We hope that this exhibition will enable the visitors to learn more about the artist's personality and his great influence on the world. He was using very original methods in his work, that were often based on scientific facts,"

the curator of the exhibition, Vincent Delieuvin, said for a British newspaper.

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La Scapigliata z Parmy
La Scapigliata z Parmy Source: Pinterest

Several pieces in this exceptional exhibition were lent to the musem from personal collections of Bill Gates or Queen Elizabeth II herself, who allowed for artistic jewelry, which is usually strictly guarded behind closed doors in the royal palace, to be put on display.

"Elizabeth was very generous and sent 24 pieces from her collection. Thanks to her, we are now able to show our visitors extraordinary sketches,"

Mr Delieuvin said.

Leonardo's entire life in one place

The whole exhibition is divided into four parts. In the first one, visitors can admire Leonardo's sketches from his apprenticeship years. The second part shows how Leonardo emerged from his obsession with the perfect form, which prevented him from portraying movement in a plausible manner, and illustrate tshe genesis of his techniques.

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Vitruviánský muž
Vitruviánský mužSource: pinterest

The penultimate part of the exhibition is devoted to science and the painter's illustrations from the fields of mathematics, astronomy and anatomy. This exhibition finishes with the well-known drawing of the Vitruvian Man. This famous sketch was insured for 25,6 billion crowns.

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Poslední část výstavy umožňuje návštěvníkům vstoupit do virtualní reality.
Poslední část výstavy umožňuje návštěvníkům vstoupit do virtualní reality. Source: Pinterest

The last, fourth part of the exhibition enables the visitors to behold the master's works in virtual reality. With 3D Eyewear, they can explore the tiniest detail in individual paintings, invisible to the naked eye.

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