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The name of Graff Diamonds immediately evokes the shine and luxury associated with the jewelry made by this renowned British jewelry manufacturer. The company was founded in London in 1960 and has since enticed women all around the world.

Graff Diamonds: The Eternal Twins – diamonds embodying luxury and clean work

Eva Ledecká
06.Oct 2016
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Eternal Twins v luxusních náušnicích

Graff Diamonds purchases and obtains diamonds from all around the world, and its skilled jewelers work with a team of professional designers to transform them into perfect pieces of jewelry and watches of the highest quality. The company is owned by the renowned entrepreneur Laurence Graff.

Famous diamonds of Graff Diamonds
Eternal Twins in luxury earings
The watch Butterfly by Graff Diamonds

Graff Diamonds introduces jewels of the highest quality

Graff Diamonds work with the most luxurious diamonds, obtained from all around the world. It is especially the high quality of these stones which make Graff watches and jewelry unique. The production of its masterpieces is supervised by the company’s talented craftsmen; the results have a stunning design and are breathtakingly beautiful.

The Eternal Twins, 2 identical emerald-cut diamonds, will be introduced by Graff Diamonds this August. These diamonds have an exceptional and original look which allows the interplay of light and dark facets to excel. The dramatic reflections of such a diamond make it an elegant addition to any piece of jewelry.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

Creation of the Eternal Twins

Imagine a grand 50.23 carat emerald-shaped diamond cut from a 296 carat raw stone from Botswana. To divide, cut and polish 2 stones of the same size and weight was an incredible challenge for the company.

Graff employs the best of the best in their field. Experienced master jewelers and the team of the best designers combined perfection with breathtaking splendor. They created a piece of art, aptly named the Eternal Twins.

The emerald-cut diamonds introduce a masterful interplay of lights and offer the highest degree of purity and luxury. The Eternal Twins are currently placed in a pair of earrings which, together with these unique diamonds, have exactly 132.53 carats.


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