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This wheelchair, which is made using 3D printing technology, is called the GO.

GO is the first designer wheelchair made using 3D printing technology!

Mgr. Jana Höger
30.Sep 2018
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Benjamin Hubert collaborated with the Layer design studio and the Belgian Materialise Company, a world leader in 3D software, to create a truly unusual and very useful and deluxe design.

Why is this chair so ingenious?

The prototype of this deluxe wheelchair is the result of six-months of research carried out by the Layer Company in cooperation with wheelchair users and physicians. The resulting wheelchair adapts precisely to the user’s body shape, weight and individual disability, which means it reduces injuries and increases comfort, flexibility and support.

The deluxe London-based Layer studio describes the designer GO wheelchair as a “tool” to improve the quality of life of wheelchair users. The 3D printed chair will be fitted with a custom-made seat and footrests. And we must also add that this project is the result of two-years of collaboration with the Belgian Materialise Company, a world leader in 3D software.

The application allows you to choose specific properties

The attached GO application enables users to take part in the process of designing the wheelchair by specifying optional elements, patterns and colours when placing an order. As soon as the wheelchair is designed and ordered by means of the application, it could be delivered within two weeks.

3D printing technology gives life to a deluxe custom-made wheelchair

3D printing technology still has inexhaustible potential and is currently experiencing an unbelievable boom across all sectors. Many products are printed, building structures, shoes and various components. 3D printing is very useful for making wheelchairs, because it is capable of using available technology to record the unique shape of a person’s body, thereby improving the shape of a very necessary product and providing exceptional comfort.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

The seat is printed using two materials: semi-transparent resin and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) plastic, which dampens shocks, while titanium will be used for construction of the foot rests.

Isn’t this a noble and magnificent plan for using 3D printing technology in a field where it could really help?

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