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Global skyscrapers: The golden sheen of Central Plaza in the heart of Hong Kong

Eva Ledecká
04.Oct 2017
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Central Plaza Hong Kong

Luxurious skyscrapers reaching for the clouds are an integral part of today’s Hong Kong. We chose Central Plaza, cloaked in golden light, which dominates the Wan Chai business district and offers a luxurious vie of the port and mountains. 

The skyscraper was built as a luxury building with a triangular footprint, with two sides of the triangle facing the port. The office space thus offers stunning views of the sea, while the third side faces the mainland mounts and offer vistas of the slopes and surrounding city.

No sharp corners, Feng shui harmony

Despite initial appearances, you will find no empty corners in the building. The corners of the triangle are trimmed, meaning that the skyscraper offers more interior space. What’s more, the architects avoided the negative effects of sharp corners, which do not comply with the principles of Feng shui.

Building radiating golden light

The most amazing view of the skyscraper is at night, when it stands about thanks to the luxurious golden glow emanating from the Central Plaza building. The façade is covered with insulating glass in 3 colours, of which the glass with the gold and silver surface stands out and creates a sparkly effect in contracts with the ceramic-surface glass. The skyscraper is also lit by neon accents built into the façade. 

Byt na prodej u Riegrových sadů - 154m
Byt na prodej u Riegrových sadů - 154m, Praha 3

Luxury clock – colours on the crown of Central Plaza

The crown of the building is equipped with a special light, which changes colour depending on the time of day. Locals need only look up to the summit of the skyscraper to know what time it is.

Perfect harmony with the urban structure

The Central Plaza skyscraper is connected via pavement to the nearby bus, railway and ferry terminals, as well as the congress centre and government building. Thanks to its innovative design and prime location, it has become an integral part of central Hong Kong.

Central Plaza is 374 metres tall and has 78 above-ground floors, which serve as office space. Construction was launched in 1989 and completed in 1992.

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Central Plaza
Suite 2802, 28/F, Central Plaza 18 Harbour Road, Wanchai Hong Kong
(852) 2586 8111