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Glistening Overalls or Plastics? We Know What Will Czechs Wear in 100 Years!

Eva Ledecká
18.Oct 2018
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We have asked people in Prague streets how Czech people perceive the past 100 years. Our questions were related to fashion, inventions or times of the First Republic. Come and listen to their answers!

What will be the Czech fashion in 100 years?

Fantasy is infinite and 100 years is a long time! Will we wear suits, glistening overalls, plastic outfits, or perhaps nothing at all? Or do you think nothing so dramatic will happen and we will wear what we wear today? These questions and many others were answered in the streets of Prague.

The greatest invention of last century is ...

Mobile phones and the Internet was something unimaginable a hundred years ago. But is it really what we consider to be the greatest invention? And do they still bring us joy?

Big Topic: First Republic!

Are we idealizing it, or did people really treated each other better at this era? What were the values, what did ​they fight for and were they more decent to each other? These were the questions we asked in the Prague streets, together with whether the respondents wanted to exchange time and live in the era of First Republic.

Their answers come in our exclusive video. And what would yours be?

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