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Transparent houses have both their fans and opponents. But the truth is that glass houses represent a highly elegant, clean and modern architectonic design.

Glass houses: luxurious connection of interiors with their surroundings

Eva Ledecká
11.Oct 2016
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Skleněný dům Santambrogio|Milano

Some say that glass houses do not have any atmosphere. That they only reflect what is happening on the outside. The Santambrogio|Milano design studio from Italy begs to differ; they specialize exclusively in glass houses and terraces.


Glass: the favorite material of all designers

Glass is a very popular material among all designers thanks to its cleanliness and shine, which leads to an interesting play of lights. Glass is also the material of choice for the Italian architecture studio Santambrogio|Milano.

Their luxurious design houses can be built anywhere in the world and blend in the surrounding nature. Each part of the house with the exception of the ground floor is made of glass plates that form walls, floors or staircase. Houses in sunny locations are made of lighter glass as there is no need to protect the house against outside forces. Houses intended for a colder climate are built from stronger and thicker glass in order to be able to withstand namely snow. Such glass also helps insulate the interior.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

The most luxurious designs of glass houses are equipped with all necessary functions. Pressing a button turns special glass panels into matte glass that guarantees privacy. Walls are equipped with roll-down curtains that can insulate the room from outside light.

Glass houses in Prague

You can find glass houses also in our capital city. Examples include the Dancing House that was built using exclusively glass plates. The Dancing House is currently one of the best representatives of modern architectural design. Another modern building is the Quadrio shopping mall on the Národní street, or the Raiffeisenbank headquarters at Karlovo Square. Glass walls can also be found in the Florentina building or in the Central Park residential developer project in Prague 3. Even some celebrities fell in love with the charm of glass houses; for example, developer Luděk Sekyra has a family house made of glass in Trója, designed by the renowned architect Eva Jiřičná.


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