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The unique golden egg was conceived in the workshop of JK Jitka Kudláčková

A gift out of love worth 4 million. The Czech ‘Fabergé egg‘ from the jeweller JK

Eva Ledecká
12.Feb 2019
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Jitka Kudláčková, Klára Doležalová, Dušan Mlynarčík

It is a unique gem, a masterpiece, over 2000 hours of honest craftsmanship. It was commissioned by a client of the jewellry store JK Jitka Kludláčková, who had the clear wish: to create an original anniversary gift for his wife, who loves roses. The gift was supposed to suggest in its form and value the Fabergé egg, and bear Czech symbols.

Now, a year and a half after its production you can also view it. It will be exhibited at the JK Jitka Kudláčková boutique until the 17th February, after which it will be given to its proper owner.

The luxury golden egg will be unveiled at the boutique JK Jitka Kudláčková in the presence of Jitka Kudláčková, her husband, the director and the co-owners of the jewellery store Dušan Mlynarčík and Klára Doležalová.

The golden egg is opened manually with a crank and is accompanied by the classical piece Vltava by Bedřich Smetana

You will be able to notice phenominal representations of art nouveau motifs from the artist Mucha, and the base from linden is decorated with symbols of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. The egg is inlaid with Czech garents, gold, silver, diamonds, moldavites, and mother of pearl. It is formed by 127 individual elements, which all fit together. The brass contraption‘s respective parts are shaped into the forms of Prague houses.

Luxusní byt na pronájem 181m2 v Karlíně
Luxusní byt na pronájem 181m2 v Karlíně, Praha 8

At the beginning, it was estimated that the production would finish within half a year. However, in the end it took a year and a half.

‘There is a joke going around, that while it only takes 9 months for a women to ‘lay an egg’, it takes men a year and a half’ she entertained the guests present at the unveiling of the work by Jitka Kudláčková.

The production value of this luxury Czech ‚Fabergé egg‘ is 4 million Kč. Although it is hard to estimate its actual value, it is certain that in time it will increase.

‘It was an interesting challenge and it was worth it’, said Dušan Mlynarčíka.

The commissioner doesn‘t intend to keep the golden egg locked in a glass cabinet at home, he wants to display it to the public, so that it would be appreciated as a work of honest and valuable craftsmanship.

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