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How easy it is to touch the world below the waves and allow yourself to be carried away by the “predators” of the undersea kingdom. You won’t need any scuba diving equipment to do so. How is that possible you ask?

Giant aquaria in hotels: the captivating touch of nature

Mgr. Jana Höger
11.Jan 2017
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Giant aquaria: Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin

The fascinating world below the waves 

Giant aquaria in luxury hotels offer a truly unique experience allowing you to admire the beauty of our oceans and seas right up close. One of the possibilities for doing so is a visit to the giant aquarium AquaDom which is located in the luxury Radisson Hotel near the opulent Alexanderplatz in Berlin. What can you expect? A breath-taking cylindrical aquarium twenty-five metres high. There is a working transparent lift in the middle from which you can feast your eyes on undersea life. The large tube of the aquarium holds a million litres and is home to 1,500 fish (50 species). Three or four scuba divers have to set out into the depths of this aquarium every day, where the fish are regularly fed and the aquarium cleaned. The aquarium weighs 2,000 tonnes and is made of acrylic 16-22 cm thick. The aquarium cost around 12.8 million euros to build and was opened to the public in 2004. 

In the grasp of sea creatures

When travelling to warmer climes, make sure not to forget to visit the luxurious looking Hotel Burj al Arab in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Apart from a waterfall with ice and columns of falling water, you can spend a few pleasant moments in the restaurant where you will eat in the company of fish swimming around in the luxurious coral aquarium. Or also Hotel Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, offering a luxurious show with a beautiful giant aquarium right before your eyes in your room. The stingrays and sharks chasing each other around will give you “goose bumps”, but the experience is unbeatable.


Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy
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