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The new Happy Diamonds collection of wristwatches and jewellery has been created for modern women. The design is timeless, the workmanship of top quality and the overall look elegant, distinguished and fun at the same time – just like women themselves.

The fun and timeless women’s collection Happy Diamonds by Chopard

Eva Ledecká
29.Oct 2016
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Happy Diamonds by Chopard

Chopard is introducing the unique and modern Happy Diamonds collection, in which the style and character of contemporary women is reflected. They are infected with a cheerful nature, want to live their life to the full and know how to seize the moment. This at least is how the famous Chopard company sees things, a company which engages in production of luxury wristwatches, jewellery and also perfumes.

This collection of wristwatches and jewellery is designed for bold and independent women who love luxury accessories. The rings and bracelets from 18 K gold with diamonds and precious stones are timeless, modern and distinctly feminine.

Women’s wristwatches from the renowned Chopard brand are an embellishment for each and every wrist, its jewellery enhancing every neck line and hand. Happy Diamonds have an unconventional, playful and bold nature and are so universal that they can be worn with an informal outfit or your favourite little black dress. If you are looking for inspiration how to wear them, look no further than Chopard.


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How to wear Happy Diamonds

For a casual look, combine rings and necklaces, which you can layer and use their different lengths. In doing so, you will create a new and original sparkling look.

But don’t be afraid to also use these beautiful wristwatches and jewellery if you decide on street style. Adorn yourself with these delicate and elegant accessories and transfer their individuality to everyday wear. Solid rings, sparkling wristwatches and fun symbolic pieces which brighten up every wearer are suitable for this.

Your Cocktail Look will be infused with an accomplished and enchanting touch when paired with elegant Happy Diamonds accessories. Use the gentle lines and understated yet intricate wristwatches and jewellery with a dazzling shine.

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