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Would you like to listen to your favourite music in luxurious style? These original and snugly fitting Frends headphones will complete your style. Dolce & Gabbana knows all about that.

Frends: headphones from the catwalk

Eva Ledecká
28.May 2017
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Luxury headphones Frends

You are certainly well-acquainted with these unique headphones which are recognisable at first glance. The Frends brand drew attention to itself when Rihanna started to use them as an accessory, photos of her wearing them literally circling the whole world. They were created in collaboration with the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, thanks to which an extremely luxurious product was created worth USD 9,000. Apart from this, Frends has for example collaborated with the Parisian fashion label Zadig & Voltaire.  

Fashionable electronics have found their leader

The Frends brand is regarded as a leading manufacturer of fashionable electronics. Not only do its products perform the function of regular headphones, they also serve as a great fashion accessory which you can match with whatever you like. This is to say that the luxury headphones are available in many designs and various styles. Buy a pair in pink, bright yellow or rainbow. The mother-of-pearl headphones look luxurious and their modern design is the perfect thing to complete your street style.

Not only do they look great, they are also made from high quality metal, guaranteeing their robustness. They are characterised by a high level of comfort when worn and the adjustable headphones allow them to be adjusted to suit the individual requirements of their wearers.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

Collaboration with the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana

Headphones became the centre of attention in the AW 15/16 fashion collection, when the creative duo Dolce & Gabbana included them in their luxury collection. Gold Taylor headphones were decorated with Swarovski crystals, pearls and embossed brass. The headphones were complemented with luxurious exuberant headbands and together made up the perfect fashion feature.

You don’t have to have the gold ones. Choose precisely those which will become part of your very own personality.

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