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He opened the tasting of his wines in a Prague wine bar

French actor Pierre Richard in Prague: I'm here for the last time

Karolína Lišková
17.Sep 2019
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2 minutes
Pierre je nejen herec ale i vinař.

The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe or Idiot in Paris. Pierre Richard is an iconic French actor who is also known as an excellent winemaker. And, as per tradition, he came to Prague to present his products shortly after his birthday. Unfortunately, it seems this year marks the last public appearance of the eighty-five-year-old comedian in our country. He revealed he was going to hand over the duties related to his the vineyards to his children and, from now on, he would only drink the wine.

Herec přijal pozvání do pražské vinárny.
Nepohrdne ani dobře chlazeným pivem.
Letos oslavil komik 85. narozeniny.
Velký blondýn s černou botou.

But being in charge of a vineyard and tending to it is very demanding, which is why Pierre finally decided to leave everything to his son this year.

“I think I'm giving him the best gift I could ever give. I would hate for my thirty years of work and toil to come to nothing. I believe he will be taking care of the vineyard with the same love and diligence as I was,”

Pierre says with a smile.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

Last year, his visit had caused great upheaval - even porn star Lady Dee had come to ask for a signature. This year the tasting was more peaceful. Pierre arrived at Prague's Pavillon du Vin with a half-hour delay, but in good humor.

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Loni si návštěvu velmi užil.
Loni si návštěvu velmi užil. Source: archiv P. Richarda

The doctor forbade him white wine

He immediately asked for a glass of red wine and seemed content. “It's my favorite. Not that I wouldn't like white wine, but unfortunately, my doctor forbade me to drink it,” the actor confided, and when asked how he still looked so good and had the vigor of a man in his 30s at the age of eighty-five, he replied:

“I think it's because I drink wine. It makes me happier and therefore younger,”

he laughed and admitted that when he'd made the decision to pursue his hobby professionally thirty years ago, he'd been afraid that the world wouldn't accept it. “I am primarily an actor and I wanted to be a good winemaker, too. I think over the thirty years I've proven that I hadn't been joking back then. In any case, I see myself mainly as an actor,” he says.

He stayed in Prague only for one day, having accepted an invitation of accepted the invitation of the wine bar owners, who are the only ones in the Czech Republic to offer Pierre Richard's wines.

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Červené má herec nejraději.
Červené má herec nejraději. Source: archiv P. Richarda

World awards

The winery of the famous actor Pierre Richard is located on the peninsula of St. Martin, where 20 ha of vineyards classified as AOC are farmed, whose yields do not exceed 25-30 hl/ha, producing 80 000 bottles per year. Exclusive hand-picking, traditional processing, original technology and, last but not least, self-production of oak barrels make this winery one of the last typical representatives of the region. Pierre Richard Winery holds several prestigious national as well as international awards.

Among the wines you can taste in Prague are, for instance, white dry wine Chateau Eveque Demon de l'Eveque Blanc vintage 2014, rose fruit Chateau Bel Eveque Demon de l´Eveque Rose vintage 2015 or red root Chateau Bel Eveque from 2012.

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