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A luxurious designer bathtub from the IlBagnoAlessi One collection will shine in a modern spacious bathroom as a unique solitaire. Let’s find out why!

Free Yourself from the Walls! Here Comes Designer Speciality – Bathtub IlBagnoAlessi One!

Eva Ledecká
14.Dec 2018
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Italian design is enticing. It is not decorated, it is basically very simple, clearly defined, with perfect lines. Nevertheless, it is original, elegant, timeless. As an example we can give you a free-standing bathtub from the collection IlBagnoAlessi One by a renowned designer Stefan Giovannoni, that will seduce you at first glance!

Stefanno Giovannoni again showed us that he is the right man for his job. Maybe you haven’t heard of him, but believe us when we say that he has a lot of luxurious designs and awards on his account. He received a prestigious award Design Plus for his free-standing washbasin Tam-Tam also from this collection.

Let’s get back to the unique bathtub... Let’s dream.

It is offered in several options, and we are interested in the most luxurious, the free-standing version with a detachable panel. The oval bathtub with dimensions of 1830 mm x 870 mm x 460 mm creates a dominant element in the room. It is equipped with a lifting system, which enables to move the bathtub during maintenance. The overflow slot is placed on the longer side and it has chromium click/clack drain valve.

This luxurious bathtub from the IlBagnoAlessi One collection is not only a demonstration of a truly modern design, but also a product that beneficially enriches our minds. Just imagine filling this bathtub with hot water, adding essential oils, and just feeling the space around you. The walls are drawing away and you are falling into a unique atmosphere of endless relaxation...

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

The manufacturer is a Swiss brand Laufen, which is included in the portfolio of the Czech company Elite Bath. So, if your bathroom is big enough, you can indulge in a dreamy relaxation.

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