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The Charles Bridge will feed the public

Free dinner on the Charles Bridge! Bring some appetisers, the table will be half a kilometer long

Karolína Lišková
30.Jun 2020
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V úterý bude stůl prostřen přes celý Karlův most.

You now have the opportunity to have a homemade meal with a luxurious view of Prague Castle together with the Prague leaders, right on the oldest bridge in Prague! Today, starting at 6 pm, a celebration will take place on the Charles Bridge to welcome the summer holidays and simultaneously say goodbye to the challenging coronavirus time. The festive table should be as long as the Charles Bridge itself - 515 meters.

Starosta Prahy 1 Petr Hejma s kavárníkem Ondřejem Kobzou.
Most má být symbolem spojení.
Každý donese své jídlo jako na piknik.

The uncharacteristically empty Charles Bridge has a special charm now, which is why the organizers of the event Prostřený most („Laid Bridge“) decided to organize a joint feast at this iconic place and enjoy its unique atmosphere before it gets swarmed by crowds of tourists again.

"We‘ll build a 515-meter-long table with white tablecloths and flowers in vases on the 515-meter-long Charles Bridge. And we‘ll invite guests to join us at this table. Anyone can come, there‘s no entrance fee. But we do have one condition: everyone has to bring something. One person will, for example, bake a cake, a pie or a goose. Another guest - and simultaneously host – will prepare appetisers. Someone else will bring a rose to put in a vase. Or maybe just grape wine. Or they‘ll bring a guitar and we‘ll sing „Bridge over Troubled Waters“ together…,"

coffee shop owner Ondřej Kobza presents the idea behind the joint meeting on behalf of the Piána na ulici association, which organizes the event in cooperation with Prague 1. Up to a thousand guests are expected to arrive; the event generated huge interest. Logical, because it is unlikely to ever be repeated at such a unique place.

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

Verification of trust between people

According to Kobza, there‘s also a more profound idea behind the dinner. The bridge is a symbol of connection, in this case a connection of the banks of the Vltava. However, the coffee shop owner wants to find out, whether the bridge can connect the trust between people too, at a time when the whole nation fears the coronavirus infection.

"We want to see if we can trust each other. If we can sit next to a stranger and offer him or her a garlic spread or something else that we prepared at home,"

adds Ondřej Kobza.

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Improvizovaná večeře před samotnou akcí
Improvizovaná večeře před samotnou akcíSource: archiv Prostřený Karlův most

The event Prostřený stůl ("Laid table") is already a tradition in Prague 1, although it used to be organized on a much smaller scale, as symbolic meeting of neighbors. The event Prostřený most is based on a similar principle and it, too, represents a symbol - of life returning to the historical center of Prague.

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Improvizovaná večeře před samotnou akcí
Improvizovaná večeře před samotnou akcíSource: archiv Prostřený Karlův most

"With this event, we want to send a signal that life has returned to Prague 1 and we are looking forward to all proper visitors to Prague who come here to admire its beauties. This event will only be held once, because it can be organized only thanks to this entirely exceptional situation, when Charles Bridge is almost empty. We may never experience something like this again,"

says the mayor of Prague 1 Petr Hejma.

Registration is required

Due to hygienic and organizational reasons, it is necessary to register for the celebration via the system. Just search for "Prostřený Karlův most"! Upon arrival, you will receive a badge that will entitle you to sit at the table. A limited number of seats at the table will be available on site, without a reservation.

The event is organized by the Piána na ulici association headed by coffee shop owner Ondřej Kobza, and the City District of Prague 1, headed by Mayor Petr Hejma. The political leaders of Prague 1, who supported the event, are likely to show up at the dinner. That means you can dine with personalities such as Richard Bureš, Petr Burger, Michal Caban, Eva Špačková or Jan Votoček.

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