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A grown man who knows what he wants, but life hasn't granted it to him yet. We're talking about love.

František from Married at First Sight speaks out: I have my insight, but in this situation I lost it

Karolína Lišková
20.Nov 2020
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3 minutes
František Gebr

František Gebr decided to take part in an experiment and marry a girl he had never met, but experts chose her for him. As soon as František spoke for the first time in the first episode of Married at First Sight , the fairer sex across the nation fell in love. He is kind, nice and emotionally vulnerable. The perfect guy that all single girls and women want. But he said YES in front of the altar to a girl whom the television portrays as an incompatible partner for him. František answered a few intimate questions for, even though the show is not over yet...

Tell us who you are? What is important for you in life, and what isn't?

Who am I... I'm a boy who cries with his heart in the right place. I've been through some stuff and I think I have a lot of insight, but like any other human being, I often lose it. Climbing stepladders and working with sharp tools, which I almost always hurt myself with, helps me to regain it. Trust, understanding, willingness to listen, to help and to create are important to me in life. Also the ability to take care of yourself and take care of others. I absolutely don't care who squeezes the toothpaste on which side and whether the toilet seat stays up or down.

What were your previous relationships like? What was the longest one like and why did they fail?

My previous relationships were a bit like riding a roller coaster, often euphoria and sometimes great fear in my eyes. I think my longest relationship lasted a little over 3 years and as to why none panned out… because you can never untangle all Christmas lights.

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František a Natálka krájí dort.
František a Natálka krájí dort.Source: archiv TV Nova

What should the woman of your dreams look like?

The first signal is important because at first glance I don't know if she will solve the Rubik's cube blind or calculate the trajectory of the flight to the moon from memory. But I don't have a "Daisy". More than what she should look like, I can say what she should be like. I would like her to be receptive, talkative and to feel as good at a cottage in a flower field as she would at a ball at the Opera. To be able to respect the differences of others and to be able to love, even if she does not agree with something.

Your first feelings when you saw Natálka?

My first feeling was the joy that my virtually unknown counterpart is finally next to me. And that she's beautiful, she has beautiful green eyes and had a very sexy dress. (smile)

Describe your worst experiences you've had with her - examples of situations where you didn't believe this behavior was really possible.

The worst and, in fact, the only thing worth mentioning was the situation when, in response to the possibility whether a spark could still happen between us, Natálka replied saying that such an idea was making her want to vomit. I have my insight, but this was a situation where I lost it. Quarrels and disagreements are part of relationships and it is important that people can argue in a healthy manner. But insults are not healthy, and not polite at all.

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František a Natálka krájí dort.
František a Natálka krájí dort.Source: archiv TV Nova

Did you feel like ending things? In what situations? Why didn't you end things?

I didn't and I don't. I said YES for good and bad times, and men never give up. This is My Ninja Way. (smile)

How did you feel when you lost your wedding ring?

That my left hand is lighter, and that I can make the whole ship laugh.

So far, it seems on TV that you don't "get along much". How do the people around you react?

My friends know me, they know that I don't just give up and I try not to throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble. I discuss the situations that are happening with my friends, and I'm happy for their opinions and advice, but in the end it's always up to me and Natálka what we can do and how. I know that my insight sometimes allows others to take advantage of me to an unhealthy degree, so I am grateful for my friends who can make me see the light and get me back on track.

What about the general public? What messages do you get from fans?

The reaction of the general public is very warm and positive and I am grateful for it. I try to respond to all messages, but it's not always in my power. Invitations for coffee and drinks are coming, but the numbers are not important.

Don't you regret your participation? Would you go in again? I mean, if you'd had this experience and you knew what awaited you and someone would offer you to do the whole show again.

I fully enjoy my participation in all respects, but as for the second time, I would allow someone else to enrich their life.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

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