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The British-American shipping company Cunard believes in a better tomorrow.

Four months' vacation: The adventure you want to experience

Kateřina Ostrejšová
23.Nov 2020
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Žena na pláži s kufrem

Let's set sail... 3,2,1!

The situation with the coronavirus pandemic isn't improving, and the opportunity to travel, discover new places and cultures or enjoy the tastes of local cuisines is nowhere in sight. But let's not despair and try to find something to look forward to instead! The Cunard cruise line has done the very same, having recently opened reservations for a 118-day cruise that will travel to 16 countries and 27 ports. It may seem unimaginable to you in the time we live in, but the ship Queen Mary 2 won't leave Southampton until January 2022!

Theater and planetarium

The 345 meter long boat will be able to accommodate 2,691 guests and almost 1,300 crew members. However, not everyone will be able to afford the four-month luxury, boarding tickets range from 400,000 CZK to the astronomical 2 million CZK. The cheapest accommodation available is a single room without windows, while the most expensive booking comes with a bedroom, living room and large windows. Passengers can look forward to five swimming pools, a jogging track, a theater or a planetarium.

If a four months' vacation seems to you like a luxury that's way beyond your paygrade, don't despair. You still have the option to travel to some of the places on your own.

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Výletní loď Queen Mary 2 v detailu.
Výletní loď Queen Mary 2 v detailu. Source:

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Loď Queen Mary 2 v přístavu Southampton.
Loď Queen Mary 2 v přístavu Southampton. Source:

To the Far East across the Mediterranean

Travelers can book the whole 118-night trip or one of six two to three-week-long legs of the journey. The first part of the voyage will take 22 days, heading to the Far East across the Mediterranean Sea. A one-day transit through the Suez Canal will follow, after which the traveles will begin to discover the wonders of the Red Sea coast. Green mountains and banana plantations in Oman will come next.

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Příroda v Ománu.
Příroda v Ománu. Source:

Luxusní hotel v Ománu. Source:

17 nights from Dubai to Hong Kong

The most crowded city on the Gulf coast is a hot destination for a number of reasons. The world's most populous city is called "meeting point" for a reason - it's famous for its pursuit of the largest and most expensive projects and buildings such as Burj Khalifa or Bluewaters Island (the island with the largest Ferris wheel in the world). These Arab sights are absolutely worth discovering.

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Dubai Eye na Bluewaters Island.
Dubai Eye na Bluewaters Island. Source:

From the Vietnamese capital to Australia

Colombo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore... the passengers aboard Queen Mary II will be able to experience all this before anchoring in the heart of Asia - Hong Kong. But there's more to come. The adventure cruise will take you through Indonesia to Darwin and Brisbane, and 16 days later, you'll wake up on the Tasman Sea coast - in Sydney.

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Město Sydney.
Město Sydney. Source:

The capital of Australia definitely has a lot to offer, so it would be a shame not to spend a few days exploring it. White beaches, rocky cliffs, green botanical gardens and breathtaking architecture. It's not difficult to figure out why Sydney is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Bikini, surfboard and sunglasses - that's all you'll need on Bondi Beach!

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Bondi beach v Sydney.
Bondi beach v Sydney. Source:

Hotel Four Seasons v Sydney. Source:

And back again

After visiting Sydney, Queen Mary 2 will sail into the second half of her journey, in which she will return to Southeast Asia. This time, the travelers will get to visit the beach paradise of Bali and the city of Singapore.

Three days in the Arabian Gulf

The British ship may have already stopped in the United Arab Emirates, but this time, it will anchor in the port of Abu Dhabi. This Arabian giant probably needs no introduction. But we do have one tip! From November to March, it's the colder season in Abu Dhabi, with temperatures around 20 degrees - an ideal time to explore the Middle East!

And how about you, do you believe in a better tomorrow, too?

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Mešita v Abu Dhabi.
Mešita v Abu Dhabi. Source:

Luxusní hotel v Abu Dhabi. Source:

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

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