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The months of August and September in summer cinema of Werich´s villa are to be devoted to strong personalities of the fairer sex. Their stories demonstrate that women definitely do not belong only in the kitchen and can often be stronger than men.

Four Fates of Inspiring Women in Summer Cinema of Werich´s Villa

Eva Ledecká
02.Aug 2018
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Olga Havlová

Soňa Červená, Olga Havlová, Miroslava Neradová a Vivian Maier - these are the women who will for five evenings play a major role in their own often exciting stories, in the garden of the recently renovated luxury villa on the Kampa Island. Let us briefly introduce them to you.

Soňa Červená

An opera singer and a Czech actress who after emigration in 1962 made her name in Germany by opera singing. She dazzled the audiences mainly in her role as Carmen, but also luxury roles from Verdi, Wagner and Strauss. Among other awards, in 2013 she was awarded a Medal of Merit, bestowed by President Miloš Zeman. A planet in space, was named after her, which was discovered by Czech astronomer, Lenka Kotková. At the moment she lives in the Czech Republic.

The documentary film Červená (2017) by Olga Sommer will be screened by the Summer cinema in Werich´s Villa on 5.8.

Olga Havlová

The first wife of former President of the Czech Republic, Václav Havel, and First Lady, the founder of the Committee of Good Faith (1992) and founder of Awards of Olga Havlová. She was an avid reader and theatre aficionado, having come from poor background and having worked in Baťa´s factory. In 1964 she married Václav Havel, at that time already a famous author and contributor to cultural magazines at the time of democratisation, and a future President of our country. She participated in the activities of Charter 77. She became a Woman of the Year 1995 of the Czech Republic, with authority of her name reaching beyond the borders of our country. She died on 27th January 1996.

The documentary film Olga (2014) by director Miroslav Janek will be screened by the Summer cinema in Werich´s Villa on 19.8.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

Miroslav Neradová

A woman who was able to make it again even though she reached the very bottom. The story of Miroslava Neradová shows that even if your luck turns its back on you and your destiny is coloured in black, it is possible to return to normal life. After the birth of her son she quits her drug addiction, and survives also the time when she is forced to live with him on the street. Currently she is studying Social activities at intermediate vocational school and helps people on the margins of society. 

Time-lapse document Mallory (2015), which was made during 13 years by Helena Třeštíková, will be shown by the Summer cinema in Werich´s Villa on 2. 9.

Vivian Maier

American art photographer who documented street urban life. She created over 150,000 photos, but never published them during her life. Historian John Maloof won most of her luxury photos at an auction and gradually published them on the Internet. Maier became internationally recognised and there was a number of exhibitions of her photographs.

The documentary film, Looking for Vivian Maier (2013), which was shot by John Maloof, will be screened by the Summer cinema in Werich´s Villa on 16. 9.

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