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Iran is a state of which we in Europe do not know very much. That is therefore why it may be quite surprising that this mountainous country offers luxury conditions for skiing.

Forget Aspen, try skiing in Iran!

Eva Ledecká
04.Mar 2018
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Exotics may not be enjoyed only in summer. Winter is also as if it´s been created for it. It suffices to exchange the luxury resort in the Alps for the Alborz mountain and head with your skis east, instead of west. For example to places near Tehran.   

Skiing in the countries of the Near East brings a mix of surprise, exotics and great experiences. About 55 km from Tehran the ski centre Shemshakis is located at an altitude of 2,550 meters, 5 km further there is Darband-Sar about 10 km further still, Dizin. These are the three largest ski resorts in the country which has just over twenty in total.

Shemshak is loved especially by experienced skiers

Shemshak has been in operation since 1958, there are two main lifts which although being quite slow, will get you to a height of 3,050 meters above sea level. The complex also offers an option of night skiing which finishes at 22:00. The majestic Alborz mountains have quite steep slopes on the side toward the Shemshak complex. The place has thus become the ultimate destination of advanced skiers, who can experience here real adrenalin on ski slopes as well as outwith them.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

All equipment for the slopes may be hired here for approximately USD 30 per day, a one-day ticket will cost you USD 17. That is quite a luxury price, don't you think? The skiing season in these complexes begins at the beginning of December and ends at the end of March. You can get to Shemshak by a taxi from Tehran, in about 90 minutes. Accommodation is available in hotels, hostels as well as luxury chalets.

If you are worried about the influx of locals on the pistes at the weekend, remember that Iranians have weekend on Thursday and Friday. That is why the busiest evening is on Thursday and the best party resort is usually Dizin, with its 20 ski lifts and 15 ski slopes.

The most hospitable nation under the sun

It is said that the Iranians are the most hospitable people in the world. It may happen that a complete stranger invites you for a hot cup of tea and a meal, even if you only stopped off to talk to him for a moment in the street. Everyone is willing to help tourists and foreigners, that is why travelling in this country is so easy and enjoyable.

Tehran itself is not such a stunning city, yet it has an exotic air and adventurous natures that do not require flashy luxury will find their favourite spots here. You should not miss a visit of the capital of Iran; if you come here for an adventurous skiing trip, include it in your itinerary!

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