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You can control your Adapt BB sneakers using a mobile application. Are you not convinced?

The Footwear Revolution: Nike Sneakers Adapt BB may be tied Using a Smartphone!

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10.Feb 2019
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Shoes of the future

The time we live in calls for significant simplification. We are slowly getting used to a life associated with smart devices. More and more our smartphones are interconnected with our daily lives. What may be the developments as regards tying of shoelaces?

Nike Adapt BB
French NBA star Frank Ntilikina
Nike Adapt BB

A luxurious piece for sport and technology enthusiasts!

Nike Adapt BB are luxurious sneakers, which surpass their current limitations. Owners of these beautiful shoes now only need a smart phone with a mobile application - FitAdapt. The name of the shoes is not here by chance, Adapt expresses capacity of your feet to adapt and the BB designation is derived from basketball.

"We chose basketball deliberately as the first sport to apply the Nike Adapt technology because of the demands that athletes place on footwear," said Eric Avar, Vice-president Creative Director of Innovation.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5

Tighten the shoes by one click

The Adapt BB model should greatly facilitate its owner the handling of shoelaces which will now be controlled directly from the phone screen. In practical terms this means that one click on your smartphone will tighten or loosen the laces. One small thing though: remember to regularly charge the shoes! Each pair will thus be sold together with a special charging mat.

The luxury novelty by Nike will be available for sale in the USA from 17. 2. 2019. You can order them in the American market and their price is equivalent to CZK 8,000.

The inspiration was a movie

The shoes, inspired by the film Return to the Future 2 will charm you, they are designed for basketball players. If you don´t know which film scene they were inspired by, here is a little help: the hero, Marty McFly, is putting on a similar pair. Can you guess now?

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