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Folklore motifs in everyday wear (not only) according to Zuzana Osako

A folklore wardrobe? No problem! Designers are using folk costumes as a source of inspiration

Marie Ševčíková
08.Sep 2020
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Tradiční vyšívané kroje

The tradition of costumed feasts is an inseparable part of the summer and autumn months in South Moravia. Lots of wine, dulcimer music and colorful folklore costumes that vary from village to village. Such a costume is not only beautiful to behold, it's also a work of art and a valuable luxurious investment! True, it's not very practical for casual wear, but if you want to incorporate a couple of folklore pieces in your wardrobe, we know how to go about it!

One of today's biggest trends is undoubtedly the return to tradition. And one such tradition can be found in fashion. Traditional folk costumes do not belong solely to villages anymore. They have become a source of inspiration for many designers. Czech designer Beata Rajská introduced a folklore collection a few years ago, and more recently, folk-inspired pieces from Zuzana Osako's studio have been gaining popularity. Her brand is even called Tradition, which makes it obvious where Zuzana looks for inspiration. What's more, her clothes are made of quality natural materials and boast timeless cuts. But first let's have a look at what a folklore costume represent, what it consists of, and why it is currently considered a luxury and expensive investment.

How to bewitch a handsome lad?

Up to six starched white petticoats, pastel-colored skirts, hand-embroidered sleeves, painted and embroidered ribbons, a hat or bows, and jackboots. These are parts of a traditional women's costume, which is usually completely handmade and each piece is unique. A one-of-a-kind item that is passed on from generation to generation. Today, however, the production of folklore costumes is becoming more and more popular, wherefore it's possible to buy a completely new custom-made costume. However, be prepared to pay tens of thousands of crowns for one. Women's costumes range from 30 to 40 thousand crowns! But as can be seen from traditional South Moravian feasts, such an investment is increasingly worthwhile. Traditional folklore habits are attracting more and more young people who keep them alive. But watch out, ladies! If you want to impress a strapping Moravian lad with your slender curves, forget about wearing a traditional Moravian costume right away! Its typical feature is the emphasis on volume!

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Bílá krajková sukně Michael Kors
Bílá krajková sukně Michael KorsSource:

Wine, women, music and tradition

Luckily, if you wan't to wear a beautiful hand-painted or embroidered piece of clothing, you don't have to buy a complete folklore costume. They may be stunningly beautiful, but they're also (let's face it) quite impractical and uncomfortable! Buying one of the Tradition models by Zuzana Osako certainly is a viable alternative. The fashion designer hails from South Moravia, which is why she likes to look to the traditional clothes of her native Podluží (cradle of folklore motifs) for inspiration. Her studio offers traditional cotton or linen pieces, such as aprosn, head scarves or petticoats with bobbin lace. The cuts of her shirt dresses, on the other hand, are designed to underline the beautiful silhouette of the female figure. They'll look great on you, guaranteed! Osako's fashion is also inspired by traditional blueprints, an ancient technique of indigo dyeing that is considered intangible cultural heritage according to UNESCO.

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Spodnička s paličkovanou krajkou
Spodnička s paličkovanou krajkouSource:

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Lněná zástěra s výšivkou
Lněná zástěra s výšivkouSource:

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Modrotiskové midi šaty
Modrotiskové midi šatySource:

Inspiration for your wardrobe

If you've found a liking in traditional embroidered motifs and haven't inherited anything useful from your grandmother, we're atteching a few more pieces you might want to enrich your wardrobe with. We've selected models by world-famous designers for you, in which you'll draw all the attention in the streets of Prague!

Blouses with embroidery and floral pattern

BIlá košile s madeirou Miu MiuBuy on-line
BIlá košile s madeirou Miu Miu
Modrá košile Prada s výšivkouBuy on-line
Modrá košile Prada s výšivkou
Top s květinovým potiskem ReformationBuy on-line
Top s květinovým potiskem Reformation

Skirts with folklore lace

Bilá midi sukně s výšivkouBuy on-line
Bilá midi sukně s výšivkou
Béžová vyšívaná sukně Adam LippesBuy on-line
Béžová vyšívaná sukně Adam Lippes
Bílá krajková sukně Michael KorsBuy on-line
Bílá krajková sukně Michael Kors

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

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