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Are the days of the conventional house with a chimney numbered? Nowadays, emphasis is placed on equilibrium of design, functionality, luxury and the perfect home experience. From unusual locations, right through to unorthodox shapes, modern houses stand out in the crowd with their architecture and character.

Illusion is the ruler or design and architecture – “The Flying House”

Mgr. Jana Höger
16.Aug 2017
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Beautiful family house

Would you want to live in the luxury house known as “The Flying House”?

The house was built in the South Korean city of Incheon (near Incheon Airport). It was commission by a pilot and it is designed for use by his family. The project and construction of the house were designed by the architects IROJE KHM. When first exploring this modern house, it is not clear where the house starts and where it ends. The house reflects sunlight in shades of white and literally blinds you. The space spreading out over an area of 195 m2 is brightened up by semi-transparent roofs. Apart from this, every room opens out onto the garden and creates an airy feeling. 

Minimalist design also influenced by Korean customs

The architects transformed the spatial and landscape feature into a modern way of living, which applies the main principles of nature. One example of this is the roof: it is forested in such a way that when you walk from the inner courtyard to its summit, you get the feeling you are walking through the countryside. The house coexists luxuriously with nature. And the idea of flight has become a design leitmotif for the whole house. The dynamic lines of the snow-white buildings serve as a metaphor for gliding through the air.

Traditional Korean features are evident, having been combined here with space which oozes modern design and luxury terraces offering meaningful harmony. The traditional Korean structures of a house dictate that the floor of the living room must touch the ground. The minimalist design, combined with a hint of greenery throughout the whole house, raises it to new heights.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

The house contains polished and rough concrete and minimal white features. You can find the occasional coloured feature in the form of decorations – chairs, cushions etc. As far as embellishments are concerned, these are represented by strong, white architectural elements determining the look of the house. Fixtures and fittings are only available for their respective specific usage.

The tree which has been planted in the bathroom and which lives a life of its own represents a wonderful and luxurious diversification and at the same time detail.

If you live and breathe aviation, it is only natural that you would want a house which offers reference to this passion. 

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